The PP asks Robles for explanations in Congress for the delays in the delivery of the 8×8 of the Army

03/29/2023 The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, during a plenary session, in the Congress of Deputies, on March 29, 2023, in Madrid (Spain). The Minister of Defense appears to explain Spain’s military aid to Ukraine and the Government’s decision to send a total of ten ‘Leopard’ battle tanks to the Government of Volodimir Zelensky. The appearance is at the request of EH Bildu, ERC, BNG and CUP, which demanded that the Executive detail the “implications” that the contribution of more weapons in the Ukrainian war may have, without the sending of the ‘Leopard’ having been also debated and voted on by Parliament. POLITICS Jesús Hellín – Europa Press

The PP has asked the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, to report to the Congressional Defense Commission on the execution of the 8×8 Dragon vehicle program for the Army, given the successive delays in its delivery. In 2020, the Ministry of Defense signed the manufacturing supply contract for the 8×8 Dragon vehicles with the TESS DEFENCE SA consortium, made up of Indra, Santa Bárbara, Sapa Operaciones and Escribano, for the acquisition of a total of 348 vehicles for an amount of more than 2,000 million euros. The purchase of these vehicles has been underway since 2007, but it was delayed for various reasons and the contract signed in 2020 already contemplated that they would be delivered progressively, until 2030. Now, delays have been occurring in these deliveries, although The Army received the first in December 2022. The PP has registered a request for an appearance for Robles to explain, in this case, the “complaints” that the minister expressed in her speech at Military Easter and wants to know what measures she intends push to resolve delays. In her speech, Robles pointed out that the 8×8 is “essential” for the Army and stated that her department would “like” the execution of the program to present “greater advances” than those appreciated to date. ROBLES ALREADY WARNED OF CONSEQUENCES This was not the only public warning that Robles has issued to the TESS DEFENCE consortium. The last one was this week, during her appearance before the Congressional Defense Commission. Specifically, and in the face of questions from the opposition parties, the head of the department wanted to make it clear that the delays are not “acceptable” and that her ministry has “zero tolerance” for them. Thus, and before ensuring that there will be no “rescheduling” of the deadlines, she has stated that the contract “will be fulfilled” to warn that any non-compliance “will entail consequences.” In a previous meeting with the executive directors of the companies that are part of the consortium two weeks ago, Robles conveyed his “great concern” about “the lack of progress and the level of compliance with the program.”

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