Vicky Martín Berrocal meets with friends in the center of Madrid

01/24/2024 Vicky Martin Berrocal, Iván Sánchez, Alfonso Bassave, leave a restaurant after dinner with friends on January 24, 2024 in Madrid (Spain). EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY EUROPA PRESS REPORTS

In one of the best moments of her life on a personal and professional level, Vicky Martín Berrocal was seen a few days ago enjoying the Madrid night. A totally improvised reunion with some friends that ended in a very special dinner that took place at the well-known Café Murillo restaurant in the capital. Showing off the friendliness and closeness that characterizes her, the designer enjoyed a very relaxed evening that was also attended by other well-known faces from our country, such as the actors Alfonso Bassave, Iván Sánchez, Juana Acosta and the businessman Nicolas Thot. Relaxed and happy, Juana attended the appointment with her current partner, Pablo García-Andrade, with whom she showed that she is experiencing a very sweet stage in her relationship. Always very discreet with her personal life, the actress has not yet spoken publicly about this new love, but the truth is that the times we have seen her she has shown extreme happiness. Making him a member of his closest circle of friends, Pablo also seemed very comfortable among the rest of the attendees at the event with whom he chatted at the doors of the premises before leaving. With that smile that always shines on her face, the designer said goodbye to all her friends in a loving way after fully enjoying that dinner that brought together these well-known faces of our country who, judging by their displays of affection, They hadn’t seen each other for a while.

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