Emotional meeting between President Gustavo Petro and Piedad Córdoba’s daughter in posthumous tribute

The president of the Colombians spoke with the family of the deceased senator – credit Europa Press/Contact/Chepa Beltran

This January 22, the tribute to Senator Piedad Córdoba takes place in the Congress of the Republica, where his body is being laid to rest in a burning chamber, so a large number of politicians have come to the place to pay their respects and a last goodbye.

Around 4:52 in the afternoon, Gustavo Petro, president of the Colombians, arrived to accompany the senator’s family.who was considered a key piece of her party and one of the most important figures for the left in the country.

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After his entry, President Petro held a conversation with Piedad Córdoba’s relatives, offering his condolences for her death. A few minutes later Images were released in which he can be seen holding the hand of Natalia Castro, the senator’s daughter, as a form of consolation at this difficult time.

Even the press office of the Presidency of the Republic revealed images through which it is seen when The president meets the family of the deceased senator and they give each other a fraternal hug in the midst of this very difficult moment for those close to Córdoba.

The videos show the exact moment in which Petro arrives at the Constitution Hall of the Congress of the Republic to express his condolences to this family, and even during the event the support he has for his daughter, one of the most affected by this news.

Petro gives his condolences to the family of Senator Piedad Córdoba – credit Presidency of Colombia

The senator’s death took the country by surprise when it was announced on January 20, after it became known that He entered the Los Conquistadores clinic in Medellín without vital signs, apparently due to a heart attack that ended his life while he was in his apartment.

It was the bodyguards who found her and decided to immediately transfer her to a medical center for treatment. However, none of the efforts of health experts to revive her were successful and her death was confirmed on Saturday afternoon.

Since that moment, reactions from the most influential politicians in Colombia were known and some of them have been present in the Constitution Hall of the Congress of the Republic. Such is the case of the vice president and head of the Ministry of Equality, Francia Márquez, who arrived at the tribute around 12:50 noon.

Other attendees who are part of the Government and made an appearance at the event are: Andrés Camacho, Minister of Mines; Gloria Inés Ramírez, Minister of Labor; Catalina Velasco, Minister of Housing and Iván Name, President of Congress.

It should be noted that the aforementioned officials responded to the call made by Congress to be part of the posthumous tribute: “The President of the Senate of the Republic and the board of directors of the corporation invite congressmen, officials, supporters and the general public to participate and accompany this official protocol act of the Congress of the Republic.”.

President Petro holds the hand of Piedad Córdoba’s daughter – credit Presidency of the Republic

Amid the tributes paid to the deceased senator, some voices have been raised against her actions in political life, one of the most notable was that of Ingrid Betancourt, who was a presidential candidate and was in captivity for six years.

Behind that personality of Piedad hid a very questionable character. A woman who used her public relations, and the affections she could generate, and in a very perverse way, used our kidnapping, in particular mine, for her own benefit.. Today it is clear that if my kidnapping lasted six and a half years, it was also due to the work of Piedad, she influenced the FARC, Raúl Reyes and the members of the Secretariat so that they did not release me,” Betancourt declared.

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