Fossil leaves the smartwatch market, although it will continue to offer support for updates

01/29/2024 Fossil’s Gen 6 smartwatches. FOSSIL POLICY

Fossil Group has announced that it will officially stop manufacturing and selling smartwatches with Wear OS to “redirect its resources” to the main segments of its business, although it has assured that it will continue to offer support for updates to these devices “for years to come.” The company launched its latest smartwatch model, the Razer more efficient energy consumption. Since then, it has not updated its ‘smartwatch’ catalog again. Now, Fossil has officially shared its decision to exit the smartwatch business with Wear OS, as noted by Fossil executive vice president and COO Jeff Boyer in statements to The Verge, where he determined that “a As the smartwatch landscape has evolved significantly in recent years,” they have made the “strategic decision” to stop selling and manufacturing smartwatches. As Boyer explained, the company has determined to redirect its resources to “support the core strength and core segments” of its business that “continue to provide solid growth opportunities,” that is, as indicated, the design and distribution of watches, jewelery and traditional leather goods, both their own brands and authorized brands. That is, Fossil Group will no longer manufacture or sell any more models of its ‘smartwatches’, nor will it design new smartwatches. However, Boyer has also specified that although the company is leaving the smartwatch market, it will continue to maintain support for future updates to existing Wear OS watches “for years to come.”

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