Irene Montero asks the left to defend “to the last consequences” that no person is “illegal”

11/07/2023 The acting Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, during a Government control session, in the Senate, on November 7, 2023, in Madrid (Spain). POLITICS Alejandro Martínez Vélez – Europa Press

The former Minister of Equality and Secretary of Political Action of Podemos, Irene Montero, has asked the left and progressivism to defend “to the last consequences” that no human being is “illegal.” During an event in Santa Cruz de Tenerife to present her candidacy for the elections to the European Parliament, she commented that the Canarians know well what the migratory phenomenon means. She also observed that the left has to defend the idea and the fundamental right that implies saying that no human being is “illegal” and that the rights of the child are rights that cannot be violated, but rather have the obligation to protect. and guarantee. Here, Montero understood that if the progressive sectors insist on “externalizing” the borders of Europe, “building” walls or “violating” the human rights of people who emigrate seeking a better future, “then the powerful are very calm.” “They give zero value to voting at the polls for the European elections, for the general elections or for anyone because they know that whoever governs, the lives of thousands of people who emigrate looking for a future will be at stake,” she observed. Finally, he recalled that the Canary Islands route is the deadliest and that lives will be put at stake “because no one has enough courage to defend human rights and assume the political cost of confronting those who want Europe to be a fortress and who there are no safe entry routes.

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