Revilla rules out being a candidate in any elections and his goal is a “coherent” replacement in the PRC

06/01/2023 The acting president of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, during the Regional Executive Committee of the Regionalist Party of Cantabria (PRC), at the PRC headquarters, on June 1, 2023, in Santander, Cantabria (Spain) . The PRC lost the Government of Cantabria after obtaining eight seats in the last regional elections on May 28, compared to the 15 that the PP obtained and after remaining at the head of the Government for four decades. However, the Popular Party would need the support of VOX to govern or an abstention from the PRC. POLITICS Juanma Serrano – Europa Press

The general secretary of the Regionalist Party of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla, rules out being a candidate again in any type of election, and his objective is to achieve a “coherent” replacement in the PRC, leaving “a party for life.” This was stated this Sunday by the former Cantabrian president, 81 years old, in an interview on RNE, reported by Europa Press, in which he refused to run for the European elections, “neither in Cantabria, nor in any one”, pointing out that his stage His current policy is to remain general secretary of the PRC “for a while”, until he is replaced, and a deputy in the regional Parliament. Regarding the management of the new Cantabrian Executive of the Popular Party and its successor, María José Sáenz de Buruaga, Revilla wants to give them “a little more time” before entering into evaluations, although he has acknowledged that at the moment he does not have “a positive vision that they are doing nothing spectacular beyond managing, and not very well, what we – the PRC-PSOE Government – had in place. Because for the regionalist, since the PP entered the Administration in July, “they have not yet improved any data; on the contrary, they have gone backwards in all the data, in all of them,” he emphasized. “What they promised, that in 100 days there was going to be a revolution here in improving data, I don’t see it anywhere,” he reiterated. Revilla has confessed that he “would have liked to remain president for another four years, but the citizens have decided not to,” and has stated that the PRC is not in the Executive, it has not made an agreement with the PP, which governs in a minority with their support, “because we have not deserved it”, given the large majority obtained by the Popular Party (15 of 18 seats). In this sense, regarding the support that the PRC has provided to the PP to be able to govern alone, including the approval of the 2024 budget, to avoid a coalition with Vox, he has considered that it is a demonstration that the Regionalist Party is in politics “not in that Cainist plan that the rival is an enemy, but by vocation”, in a context in which Spanish politics “has fallen”. “It is an unusual gesture but one that people praise, the lordship that a party has shown and that the rest of Spain recognizes for me,” he said. Revilla has insisted that “people have valued” this position of the PRC and has expressed the opinion that perhaps this is “a path” so that, in the future, “Spain is not conditioned by minority parties that are at the antipodes of the thinking of the generality of people. I’m talking about Junts, for example, about Bildu.” For the former Cantabrian president, if the two major parties, PP and PSOE, were to reach agreements, it would prevent Spaniards from “having to be subject to permanent blackmail from minority parties and which in many cases also do not want to be in Spain nor do they love Spain.” “. GREATEST CLAIMS In relation to the Spanish Government’s financing of projects in Cantabria, such as the La Pasiega industrial estate or the MUPAC, or the support for the train to Bilbao, Revilla has considered that Buruaga “now has to have that vindictive attitude” that it had he first, and at the same time, “left hand to negotiate” “The president, now, should dedicate herself to putting pressure and going to Madrid as soon as possible,” he stressed. The leader of the PRC has stated that he had “completely assured the financing for this year of a game similar to that of the previous year for La Pasiega and another similar game for the MUPAC”, and has pointed out that in politics, “asking has a lot to do.” to do with the affinity that one has to gain with those who have the box”. “Now we are going to see the affinities of this Government with the Government of Spain”, which in his opinion “is not very good.” As an example, he recalled that the president has not yet received a response to her request for a meeting with Pedro Sánchez, and has assured that in “anything that involves demanding that the president of the Government of Spain receive the president of Cantabria, he has our support.” . Along these lines, he has stressed that Cantabria’s refusal to install a reception center for immigrants in Camargo, with European financing of 40 million, “has been fatal” in Madrid.

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