Today the trial of the former UGT leadership of Andalusia begins for alleged fraud of 40 million

06/21/2022 Detail of the main façade of the Provincial Court of Seville, June 21, 2022 in Seville (Andalusia, Spain) POLITICS Joaquin Corchero – Europa Press

The Third Section of the Seville Court plans to begin this Monday the trial against the former general secretary of UGT-A Francisco Fernández Sevilla and four other former officials of the union organization for an alleged continued crime of subsidy fraud in competition with a continued crime of falsification of a commercial document, derived from the practice of alleged false invoices, through which 40,750,047.74 euros of public subsidies would have been defrauded. In principle, the start of the hearing was set for last December 14, although a few days before the hearing was suspended for health reasons of some of the participants. Specifically, those investigated are the former deputy secretary of Organization and former general secretary of the union Francisco Fernández Sevilla; the one who was general secretary of Administration of UGT-A; the former Secretary of Economic Management; the former head of the Purchasing department of UGT-A; the CEO of the entity Soralpe I Mas P Asociados SL, and ten people who acted as suppliers to the union through the companies they represented. Some time ago, let us remember, the investigating judge Juan José Vélez decreed the dismissal of the proceedings regarding the former general secretary of the union Manuel Pastrana, given his “situation of sudden incapacity”, as well as in relation to seven other people. On March 13, 2020, just before the first state of alarm regarding the pandemic, said judge responsible for the Court of Instruction number nine of Seville issued an order in which he agreed to open an oral trial against the 15 investigated after receiving the corresponding accusation documents presented by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and the private accusations brought by the Junta de Andalucía and the PP-A. Both the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the private accusations presented their qualification briefs after, on December 3, 2019, the instructor agreed by means of an order to continue the case as an abbreviated procedure and sent them to request the opening of a trial. oral formulating a written accusation or the dismissal of the case or, exceptionally, the practice of complementary procedures essential to formulate the accusation. “FINANCING WAY FOR OWN ACTIONS” In his abbreviated procedure order, collected by Europa Press, the judge reported that between 2009 and 2013, “concerted procedures were carried out between those responsible for UGT-A and certain suppliers, so that in a coordinated manner, could provide the aforementioned union with a means of financing for the practice of its own actions”, incurring this in “the application of the funds received through public subsidies for purposes other than the destination that said funds should have had. “, which were “the practice of training actions, for employed and unemployed personnel.” “In achieving those fraudulent financing purposes, it was necessary to involve companies that, as suppliers, provided the documentary and accounting infrastructure that would allow funds intended for training to be obtained, in order to divert them, in order to support the union’s current expenses.” , explained the investigating judge, according to which “the overall calculation of the amounts defrauded in the files in which the necessary documentary information has been available amounts to 40,750,047.74 euros.” Already in the order opening the oral trial, the judge pointed out the “existing relationship” between the members of the former leadership of UGT-A and the union organization itself, thus indicating “the alleged subsidiary civil liability” of UGT Andalucía, therefore that it was appropriate to “require said entity to provide bail in order to ensure the civil liability that may arise from the case.” The judge considered the same with respect to the rest of those investigated and their relationship with the supplier companies of UGT Andalucía, to which he also attributed their “alleged subsidiary civil liability”, also considering that it is up to the Court of Seville to hold the trial for an alleged continued crime of fraud of subsidies in competition with a continued crime of falsification of a commercial document in the case of Fernández Sevilla and the other former members of UGT-A, and as necessary cooperators of such crimes in the case of the rest investigated as responsible for the union supplier companies. MILLIONAIRE BONDS In his order, the judge imposed a bond of 40,750,047 euros on Fernández Sevilla and the remaining former officials of UGT-A, in a “joint and several” manner, imposing on the rest of those investigated bonds that ranged between 638 euros and more than one million euros. In addition, it required UGT-A to, in the event that Fernández Sevilla and the other investigated persons related to the union did not provide the required bail, “provide within the same period of one day the bail” of 40,750,047 euros requested from the themselves. Next, the investigating judge required the companies Chavsa, Lienzo Grafico, Pubar DM, Siosa, Imprenta Pineda, Viajes Macarena, Caronte and Foldas Abadía to provide the bonds associated with the people investigated in relation to such entities, “in the event that the accused do not provide the required bail”.

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