Untouchable in CDMX: date, venue, pre-sale and ticket prices

Intocable returns to Mexico City in 2024 (Twitter/@claudiashein)

¡Untouchable returns to Mexico City in 2024! “MMXXIV Tour” will reach the CDMX and the famous Mexican regional band is expected to perform their greatest hits as And everything for what?, Cardboard box, The friend who left, Teach me to forget you or his greatest musical success, I am not strong.

Through official social networks, it was shared that the Mexican band will arrive next Saturday April 27from this 2024, in the Plaza de Toros La Méxicovery quickly generating great excitement among their “Chilango” fans, since the musicians had only been taking their music live in other states of the Mexican Republic, leaving aside the country’s capital.

According to the official site of Ticketmasterthe pre-sale to see the Intocable show in Mexico City will be with the bank Citibanamex and the next will happen Thursday February 1 and in addition, cardholders will have up to 3 months without interest to be able to finish paying for the access that will allow them to enjoy the regional Mexican music played by the famous band.

Untouchable in CDMX: date, venue, pre-sale and ticket prices (Photo: X)

The price list for each of the accesses has not yet been published, although it is estimated that the range is between $793 to $4,575 Mexican pesos already including charges. The general sale will be from Friday February 2.

At the heart of the regional Mexican genre, stands a group that has left an indelible mark: Intocable. Founded in 1993 in Texas, United States, by Ricky Munoz and Rene Martinezthe band has established itself as one of the most influential and beloved in Tejano and Norteño music.

Intocable has navigated various musical currents, fusing the traditional northern ensemble with pop and rock influences, creating a unique and distinctive sound. Their ability to connect with the public has earned them multiple recognitions, including awards Grammy and Latin Grammy.

Throughout their career, Intocable has released iconic albums such as Dreams, Untouchable 3and With you, reaching the top of the charts. Topics like You are my drug, Coquette and I promised They have been anthems for generations of fans.

Untouchable group in Nuevo León 2022 in concert IG: @cecy_cepeda IG: @crls2324

The group has demonstrated notable longevity in the industry, adapting to the evolution of the genre and maintaining its authenticity. With more than three decades of experience, Intocable continues to conquer stages and hearts, consolidating itself as an icon of regional Mexican music.

Although only one date was announced, due to its large fan base, it is expected that more locations will open for the residents of Mexico City in the coming days.

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