Argentina will limit external communications of high-risk prisoners

Buenos Aires, Jan 30 (EFE).- Argentina will reinforce controls on the communication of high-risk prisoners with the outside world, according to the management protocol for the most dangerous prisoners presented this Tuesday by its Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich.

The minister explained that the new protocol will reinforce electronic controls on mobile phones, the visiting regime for prisoners and the use and entry of personal items into cells.

In addition, Bullrich announced in a press conference in front of the Federal Penitentiary Complex of Ezeiza (province of Buenos Aires) that prison authorities will impose restrictions on communication with the outside world of high-risk prisoners.

The minister assured that inmates will only be able to make one-way calls to authorized telephone numbers of family members.

“Cellular (mobile) telephony is a topic that has been discussed a lot and is a key means to perpetuate these activities,” said Bullrich.

The implementation of the protocol will depend on an “elite team,” according to the minister.

The troops will have special prevention technologies such as body scanners, metal detectors, facial recognition devices and infrared monitoring sensors.

The Argentine Ministry of Security understands “high-risk prisoners” as those who have the possibility of escaping, directing criminal acts from inside prisons, intimidating or corrupting officials, hindering investigations and coercing other prisoners. to achieve their criminal objectives.

Bullrich described this protocol as a “transcendental milestone in security management and in the management of people deprived of liberty.”

“It is an unprecedented challenge where organized crime has taken root even within penitentiary institutions,” said the minister.

Bullrich, guarantor of order policies in the Government chaired by the ultra-liberal Javier Milei, assured that in Argentine prisons “there are people who occupy hierarchical links in criminal organizations and who continue to lead them in prisons.”

During the last electoral campaign, in which Bullrich was the presidential candidate for the center-right coalition Together for Change, the minister even proposed that conversations between high-risk inmates and their lawyers be “recorded.” EFE


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