Authorities in Bogotá report a new fire on El Cable hill

REFERENCE IMAGE Fires in Bogotá | – credit Mayor of Bogotá

Recently, the Mayor of Bogotá, Carlos Fernando Galán, confirmed that the city’s emergency teams are dealing with a recent fire on El Cable hill, east of Bogotá. At the site, 15 units of security have already been deployed. firefighters to face this new conflagration in the eastern hills of the capital.

As explained by the capital’s president, this focus of fire arose at a point on the mountain that was not in the initial place of the conflagration. It is possible that, due to the characteristics of the terrain, this heat source has moved underground, generating this new fire on the mountain, which houses the capital’s main communications antennas.

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On the other hand, the mayor took stock of the attention to the fire that started this Monday morning in the town of use me, specifically in the vicinity of Entre Nubes Park. The president indicated that at 11:18 am, the alert was received, and in just 15 minutes, firefighters from the Marichuela station were on the scene, backed by nearly 50 troops, including personnel from the National Policethe Air Force and the Armyas well as members of the Civil defense.

Galán detailed the complexity of the terrain and the native vegetation, mentioning that “we are talking at around a quarter past eight at night, half past eight at night, we have control, according to the Fire Department, of about 60%. We already have water on the hill,” he added that the different branches of the fire that were affected by strong winds during the day are being actively attacked.

The mayor could not yet provide an estimate of the affected area, but assured that work will be done throughout the night to achieve complete control.

Regarding the fire in Entre Nubes Park, 36 helicopter downloads were carried out, and in the case of the hill, 40 additional downloads were carried out. “This is a problem that is just beginning,” the mayor warned, emphasizing the complexity of the El Niño season.

Finally, Galán made a new call to the National and regional Government for the creation of a unified command post to monitor and protect the Sumapaz moor, expressing concern about the response capacity in that specific area.

The forest conflagrations that have occurred in recent days in Colombia have not only been caused by the El Niño phenomenon. The National Police confirmed that there are 26 arrests of people related to fire crimes.

The national head of the Police Service, Brigadier General José Luis Ramírez, confirmed that all the arrests are related to the conflagrations that occurred in the last six days. According to the officer, Of the 26 captured, 19 were arrested for damage to natural resources and ecocide, while the other seven were arrested for the crime of arson..

“In addition, our men and women have made 168 summonses, for behavior contrary to coexistence, related to burning or fires. Police aviation has discharged more than 54,000 gallons of water for 1,560 hectares in Santander, Norte de Santander, Cundinamarca and Bogotá”, reported General Ramírez.

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For the crimes of damage to natural resources and ecocides, the newspaper The Colombian learned that the 19 captured could receive sentences of up to 11 years in prison, while the other seven detainees face a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

In addition to the 54,000 gallons of water that the police aviation has discharged to contain the fires in Colombia, the national head of the Police Service announced that “more than 100 police officers are also trained in risk management and are dedicated exclusively to attending to “the phenomenon of the child in relation to the fires that are occurring in the country.”

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