Cayetano Martínez de Irujo explodes in defense of Genoveva Casanova


Hours after reappearing at the annual gala of the Madrid Sports Press Association and leaving reporters speechless when they asked him about Genoveva Casanova, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo sat down on the set of ‘Espejo Público’ to denounce the critical situation that farmers in our country are going through. And, to the surprise of everyone and everyone, he has not hesitated to come out in defense of his ex-wife, in the eye of the media hurricane since the images of him with Federico of Denmark in Madrid were published last November. Despite the Mexican’s stony silence with everything that has been said in recent weeks – for example, that her relationship with the now Danish King began in 2021, or that they would have met in a secret place next month to determine where their friendship is – the rider has revealed the next steps the socialite will take to defend her honor and privacy. “They have done a lot of damage to her and to my children – Luis and Amina, 22 years old – who are having to suffer a lot with all these stories. But it is an issue that will be seen in court. All the complaints and lawsuits are already in process. “I am not presenting them, she is presenting them with my lawyers,” he announced, thus confirming that Genoveva has already taken legal measures for what has been said since her meeting with Mary Donaldson’s husband in the capital. Outraged, and despite not going into details about what has bothered or hurt him the most about what has been published about his ex-wife, Cayetano has exploded against a certain sector of the press, stating that it is “intolerable that in this country dismembers people, not in an unjust way, but in an absolutely diabolical way. Which is what he believes he has done with the mother of his children, with whom he maintains a close relationship. And, demonstrating that Genoveva has her unconditional support in this delicate situation, the son of the Duchess of Alba has made it clear that “they will pay for the damage they have done to her and my children.” “I’m not going to forgive him until she makes amends,” he warned.

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