Christian Domínguez and the alibi to deceive Pamela Franco into going to meet Mary Moncada

Christian Domínguez and the alibi to deceive Pamela Franco and go to meet Mary Moncada. (Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

Regrettable. In the last broadcast of ‘Magaly TV La Firme’broadcast on January 29, the presenter Magaly Medina He once again surprised local entertainment by revealing who was the protagonist of his most recent ampay. To the surprise of many, it was the cumbiambero Christian Dominguez, recognized for his relationship stable with the singer Pamela Franco.

However, the Cumbiambero seemed to forget his commitment to the mother of his last daughter when he was caught while picking up a blonde woman named Mary Moncada of his residence. The latter stated that they had intimate relations in the van. Dominguez. According to the images captured by the program’s cameras, after picking up Maria in Surco, he made her get into the back seat and they left the place after five minutes.

Around six thirty in the afternoon, they arrived at a residential area in La Molina and parked on a corner, where, according to the blonde, they both had an intimate encounter. Faced with this situation, the journalist expressed surprise at the way in which the host of ‘América Hoy’ managed to coordinate her meetings with the young woman, since on her social networks He seemed to be fine with the cumbia singer.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

To support his alibi, Dominguez He shared a video on his social networks where he claimed that he had lent his car to a man named ‘Fabio’. This video was published a few hours after the ampay, which took place on January 13. “Yesterday I lent my car to Mr. Fabio to do some work between 5 and 7 and he told me ‘sure, I’ll give it to you washed’ and from here you can see that it’s not washed, that is, you scammed me,” he said. heard say in the clip for their stories, and they were captured by ‘Magaly TV La Firme’.

Medina expressed his indignation at the strategy used Christian Dominguez to deceive the mother of his last daughter. “It is evident that she seeks to justify each of her actions. He probably coordinated with Fabio Agostini to back him up. Cheaters always cover up for each other, even though the girl contradicts it and there is audio that supports this,” the communicator mentioned.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

Once the ampay is shared, Magaly Medina decided to express his opinion and remembered the moment when Pamela He defended Christian despite his reputation. Magaly commented: “Well, there are the images and I think it is quite evident, as Pamela has always said: ‘it’s all the attention.’ Yes of course. Not only media, but she has fame, ‘you have fame and go to bed,’” she said at the beginning.

“Everyone was waiting because he has a pattern that has not changed. Now they have been a few months apart, but according to what this girl tells us, she had a meeting with him in the north of the country in June of last year, and they saw each other when she came here,” the host said on January 29. .

On the other handMary Moncada confirmed to ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ that there was intimacy with Christian Dominguez when declaring: “If what had to happen happened. Two adults. “I always have what I want.” Even when she was asked if she thinks he is ‘oyuquito’, she responded with a laugh and added: “It’s normal, since I’m used to gringos.”

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

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