Fire in Entrenubes park, in the eastern hills of Bogotá, is completely controlled

Forest fires in Bogotá: this is the state of the emergencies in the El Cable and Entrenubes hills – credit Bogotá Firefighters

In one continuous day, emergency teams managed to completely control the forest fire that affected the south of the eastern hills of the Colombian capital. The last outbreak, located in the sector known as La Fiscala, in the Entrenubes park (town of Usme), was declared 100% controlled according to the official report of the Fire Department, shared by the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá.

The situation, which has kept the city on alert for the last nine days, had a new peak yesterday around 2:30 pm, when the mayor of Bogotá, Carlos Fernando Galán, reported on the new fire in the nearby area. to Entrenubes park. However, thanks to the quick action of the response teams and the collaboration of various entities, the threat was controlled around midday on January 30.

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The operations report, issued at 12:00 m. on January 30, highlighted that the fire in La Fiscala was contained through joint efforts on the ground and in the air. The Marichuela, Venecia, Restrepo, Central, Bellavista and logistics stations were active, coordinating actions under the command of Sergeant Jatson Morales and operations under Cesar Segura.

This was one of the fire alert images in Parque Entrenubes, in Bogotá – credit @almejandra96/X

On the hill of Entrenubes park, aerial discharges were suspended after 100% control was achieved. The liquidation phase began with ground teams arriving at all hot spots, equipped with hand tools and water lines.

Meanwhile, the team Sart carries out overflights to quantify the area burned in the fire in the southeast of Bogotá: so far around 12 hectares have been affected by the flames.

The resources deployed at that point included 29 firefighters, 22 army units, 40 Air Force personnel, and the use of 2 aircraft. In addition, there was support from the Police, Volunteer Firefighters, Air Force and Army.

On other fronts, Cerro El Cable and Quebrada La Vieja also received attention. El Cable Hill continues to be served by 57 firefighters and 30 army units, who arrived at two hot spots, where they are working with hand tools and water lines. Aerial unloading continues to an extreme point that is difficult to access on foot and the liquidation phase is beginning on the south side of the incident.

Meanwhile, in the La Vieja ravine, the situation remained stable with the storage of ashes uneventful and constant monitoring.

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