Garriga describes the deputies who removed two leaders in the Balearic Islands as “kidnappers” of the Vox acronym

09/23/2022 The president of Vox in the Parliament of Catalonia, Ignacio Garriga, during an interview for Europa Press, on September 23, 2022, in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia (Spain). Ignacio Garriga is a member of the national executive committee of Vox and has been a deputy in Congress for Barcelona in the XIII and XIV legislatures. POLITICS David Zorrakino – Europa Press

The vice president of Vox, Ignacio Garriga, has described the five regional deputies who expelled two party leaders from the parliamentary group in the Balearic Islands as “kidnappers” of the acronym of the formation in the Balearic Parliament, regretting at the same time that they appropriate ” of the hope of millions of Spaniards” who trusted Vox in the last elections. In statements to Trece, collected by Europa Press, Garriga described the situation as “absolutely Dantesque” and apologized to Vox voters who trusted the party in the regional elections in May. As he explained, there have been five deputies who “unilaterally” have expelled two members of their party, “the only ones who represent the ideas of Vox” and who have “the absolute determination” to defend the electoral program and demand the PP of Marga Prohens the fulfillment of the agreements “so that they are carried out.” “There have been five people who have clearly been moved exclusively by their personal ambition and have betrayed all those principles that Vox carries in its DNA,” he warned, while confirming that he will continue working with the deputy and president of the party. in the Balearic Islands, Patricia de las Heras, and the president of the Autonomous Chamber, Gabriel Le Senne, as representatives of Vox in the community. “The fact that there are five people who have been moved by their interest, by their personal ambition, is not going to diminish our absolute determination to work openly to fight for everything we promised,” he insisted, to point out, among those next challenges, the defense of Spanish in schools, the denunciation of “excessive superfluous spending” and the launch of a linguistic guarantee office.

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