Junts warns that it will vote ‘no’ to the amnesty if there are no guarantees for those investigated for terrorism

09/27/2023 The spokesperson for Junts per Catalunya in Congress, Miriam Noguera (2i), the Junts deputy, Pilar Calvo (2d), and the deputy Eduard Pujol (1d), upon arrival at the second session of the debate investiture of the leader of the Popular Party, in the Congress of Deputies, on September 27, 2023, in Madrid (Spain). The president of the PP and candidate for the Government underwent yesterday, September 26, the first session of his investiture debate in Congress, which lasted seven and a half hours and was the first in which speeches were heard in co-official languages ​​with the use of earpieces to receive simultaneous translation. Today, his candidacy is voted on in the ‘first round’, a result that will mark the plenary session scheduled to be held in 488 hours, on Friday, September 29, in case Feijóo does not achieve the absolute majority (176 deputies) required in the first round. tried. POLITICS Alberto Ortega – Europa Press

Junts warns that “it will not be able to vote in favor of the amnesty law” if it does not give guarantees to those investigated for terrorism and high treason in the Tsunami and Volhov cases, sources from the group have informed Europa Press. The party executive is meeting this Tuesday morning electronically to follow up on the negotiations with the PSOE, which they assure are still open. The plenary session of Congress will vote this afternoon on the proposed amnesty law, and if it does not pass this vote, the law would return to the Justice Commission.

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