Magaly Medina confirms that Jesús Barco is not the protagonist of her ampay: “Conscience gave him away”

Magaly Medina an ampay announced and the expectation to know who the protagonists are is quite great. Thus, during the day names such as Jesús Barco and Paolo Guerrero circulated, even Melissa Klug announced the end of his relationship with the athlete from Sports Boys that occurred today. What was surprising was that she claimed that the father of his daughter was responsible for this decision.

Since that moment, it has been speculated that he would be the protagonist of the ampay, so he would have gone ahead to tell his partner the truth before he found out on national television. In addition, the footballer closed comments on his social networks to avoid reading messages against him.

In the midst of this wait, Magaly Medina He spoke on his social networks while preparing for his first program of 2024. In one of his Instagram stories, he was encouraged to give some details of the ampay, but far from giving any clue as to who it was, he only ruled out that Jesús Barco had been captured by their cameras.

Magaly TV La Firme returns with a controversial ampay this January 29. (Infobae composition)

“I have not yet removed the ampay and there are victims. Why do they incriminate themselves? “How come they have a filthy conscience,” she mentioned at the beginning, laughing.

After that, he highlighted that Jesus Boat It has nothing to do with his ampay and left the possibility open to any other public figure. But first, she regretted that Klug ended their romance because the father of her daughter took the blame.

“Jesús Barco is not, I have to say, for the gossips, he is not and their relationship has already ended with Melissa. Their conscience gives them away,” mentioned the popular ‘Urraca’. For this reason, she invited all of her followers to connect to her program this Monday, January 29 at 9:45 p.m.

Magaly Medina affirms that Jesús Barco is not tonight’s helper.

Melissa Klug shared an announcement on his Instagram stories, where he made it clear that his relationship with Jesús Barco has come to an end. A personal event was the cause of this break in the couple’s commitment.

“To my dear followers and friends of the press I want to inform you that as of today my relationship with Mr. Jesús Barco has ended,” he expressed at the beginning.

Likewise, she noted that she did everything possible to form a united family, despite the risks to her health during pregnancy. “People who know me know that from the first day I gave everything to achieve a healthy relationship, I even traveled abroad because my pregnancy was risky and I preferred to safeguard the life of the fruit of our years with the peace of mind that everything was going well between us. “, he indicated about the management of their relationship.

Melissa Klug announces her separation from Jesús Barco. | capture/Instagram

However, he surprised by pointing out his now ex-partner as the culprit of the breakup. “During the 4 years of our relationship I have respected and taken care of our privacy as a couple and in his professional sports career with the responsibilities that this entails. Therefore, I give all responsibility for the termination of the relationship to Mr. Jesús Barco.”he later declared.

To end, Klug He stated that he will focus on his emotional recovery with the support of his family. “My strength, as always, will be my family, my sons, daughters and my granddaughter. Especially my two-month-old little girl who needs all my love and integrity because today she is the reason to keep the great family that we are together,” she concluded.

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