Mary Moncada, the wife of the ampay with Christian Domínguez, speaks out

Christian Domínguez’s ampay with blonde in his truck. atv

In a recent exclusive broadcast on January 29 by the television program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’, images were revealed showing the singer Christian Dominguez in a compromising situation with Mary Moncada, a woman until then unknown to the public. This event has generated great controversy and has put both Domínguez and Moncada in the spotlight.

Mary Moncada35 years old, is a Peruvian citizen who has lived in the USA, where she has worked as a bank manager. Her background includes a bachelor’s degree in international business and administration. Unlike other people previously linked to the interpreter – such as Isabel Acevedo or Pamela Franco-Moncada – she has stated that she has no interest in formalizing any type of relationship with Domínguez, describing him as a “good time”

The person involved told the details of the intimate meeting with Domínguez in his truck, happened last 12th of Januaryexplicitly recognizing the existence of a infidelity by the singer. She made it clear that, as a single adult, she believes that her actions do not cause harm to anyone and she ignored Domínguez’s private life. “I accept what I do, I’m not hurting anyone. I don’t know anything about his private life, I have never asked, nor investigated, nor been interested,” she stated with determination in the entertainment program.

Mary Moncada, the blonde weakness of Christian Domínguez with whom he was unfaithful to Pamela Franco

Mary Moncada Caballero has decided to restrict the option to comment on your posts instagram after receiving numerous reactions to his images with Christian Domínguez, in the ‘ampay’ broadcast by ‘Magaly TV La Firme’. The measure was taken by Moncada, who has more than 20 thousand followers on the social network, in response to her growing curiosity about details of her personal life after being seen with the cumbiambero in her truck.

Given the avalanche of comments she has been receiving, the 35-year-old woman made the radical decision to block comments in his photographs. In addition, she has shared messages on her Instagram Stories that ask for respect and understanding in the face of hasty judgments, thus asking a stop to criticism.

“Before you assume, know the truth. Before judging, he finds out why. Before you hurt, put yourself in their place. Before you speak, think,” reads the message he shared, but which was later deleted.

Mary Moncada’s messages before and after the ampay with Christian Domínguez.

Prior to the controversy, she had published reflections on her autonomy and personal satisfaction, without specifically mentioning the incident: “I am doing my thing, without envying anyone anything.”“What I have I enjoy and what I don’t, I get.” Then he added: “Always working for what we want, happy Monday.”

It is important to note that Moncada currently resides in USAindicating a physical distance from recent events that occurred in Lime.

Mary Moncada’s messages before and after the ampay with Christian Domínguez.

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