Migration Colombia: controversy over the appointment of the new head of communications, they accuse her of coordinating “warehouses”

Susan Pérez, new head of communications, generated controversy for her appointment, due to what would be her activist past – credit Mario Caicedo/EFE

The appointment of Susan Pérez Callejas as the new communications director of Migración Colombia has become a media storm, after her resume was published on Monday, January 29, 2024 on the State’s contracting platform. And all because according to journalistic reports she would be related to what is known as “bodegas”, in defense of the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro.

The profile of Pérez Callejas, as it appears in the registry, was uploaded to the platform at 3:27 pm, as an applicant for the position of head of the communications office, with code 1045, position 15, in an entity that is attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In her previous experience, the woman was part of the Legislative Work Unit (UTL) of the former senator of the Historical Pact Gustavo Bolívar.

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This is evidence that Susan Pérez’s resume was published on the State contracting platform – credit Infobae Colombia

It was then, on June 10, 2022, when she was related by journalist Yohir Akerman as coordinator of “bodegas” in favor of the then candidate Petro, just after the journalist Ricardo Calderón, from Caracol Newsrevealed in a newspaper report that the brother of the current head of state, Juan Fernando Petro, had met with politicians convicted of corruption in La Picota prison.

Indications of which the woman, whose X account (formerly Twitter) is @LupeMohawk, he defended himself at the time. “What you are doing is defamation. And you use that super scary voice to refer to me, hundreds of accounts? Let’s go to Twitter, let’s go to the Prosecutor’s Office: it’s not true. “I am calm, but very surprised by these accusations,” the woman, a graphic designer, published at the time.

With these messages, Susan Pérez Callejas denied that she had led wineries on social networks in favor of today’s president Gustavo Petro – credit @LupeMohawk/X

According to information revealed by Snail Radioon January 17 they modified the manual of functions of the position so that the designer could aspire to the position: a practice that, according to other cases, would be common, to – apparently – favor candidates nominated by the Government, as has happened in other cases. agencies, such as Invima and the board of directors of Ecopetrol, among other cases that have attracted attention.

“For the entity, it represents a competitive advantage to have for the employment profile Head of advisory office, code 1045, grade 15, assigned to the communications office, with professionals in the basic core of knowledge in design, advertising and related and plastic, visual and related arts“, was read in resolution 0146 of January 17, 2024, which partially modified resolution 1548 of 2023.

This was the modification that was made in the functions manual of the position of head of the communications advisory office of Migration Colombia – credit @espinosaradio/X

In her profile, the woman who is the subject of this controversy came out to defend herself against the accusations against her and, although in principle she said that she would not argue against what would be the false accusations against her, for what he considered a “silly video column” by Akermanlater explained why he had deleted his X account, although later—after the accusations against him—he reactivated it again.

“I had closed my account because in the last attack on Twitter against me I had an allergic nervous episode and half my face broke out and they had to inject me with corticosteroids. It’s not cool that they mistreat like this,” said Pérez, who alleged medical reasons for the decision that caused suspicion on the part of some journalists. Likewise, he shared successful cases of designers who were successful in other important positions.

With this other message, Susan Pérez Callejas explained why she had closed her X account, after the controversy over her arrival in the communications of Migración Colombia – credit @LupeMohawk/X

And he added: “Communications heads must have studied Communication Sciences. This includes my professional career, which is Graphic Design.. I have many years working in institutional government communications.” In this way he responded to the criticism generated by his appointment, after the serious accusations made against him by Akerman, who is known to have ratified the information given.

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