Pamela Franco reappears after Christian Domínguez’s ampay with Mary Moncada and speaks out

Pamela Franco speaks out on her social networks after Christian Domínguez’s ampay.

Pamela Franco broke his silence and was pronounced in their Instagram stories after the ampay that the program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ broadcast, on the night of January 29, where they exposed themselves images and conversations that involve Christian Dominguez in compromising actions. In a recent infidelity scandal, the host of ‘América Hoy’ has been accused of allegedly having an extramarital relationship with Mary Moncadaa 35-year-old Peruvian citizen residing in USA.

According to the images broadcast by “Magaly TV La Firme”, it was observed Dominguez picking up Moncada in the family van and, later, both were captured having an intimate encounter in a residential area of ​​La Molina after parking in a low-traffic area.

This ampay It generated a great stir in public opinion, calling into question Domínguez’s current relationship with his partner Pamela Franco, who have been together since 2019 and have a 2-year-old daughter.

Christian Domínguez’s ampay with blonde in his truck. atv

The singer, former member of the cumbia group ‘Beautiful soul‘, he took advantage of the thousands of followers he has on Instagram and TikTok to send a strong message to his still partner. Through several publications made on January 30thFranco expressed a positive attitude, sharing clips where he is seen enjoying and performing various dance genres alongside two choreographers, preparing for the recordings of a program in America TV.

“Good morning (…) we start the day with good vibes,” was the brief message he shared in his videos published today.

At all times, the dancer and mother of the last daughter of Christian Dominguezappears radiant, happy and with a big smile, leaving no room for comments about the recent infidelity of your partner. Despite these challenges, the artist She chose to focus on her professionalism and transmitting positive energy, both to her audience and to herself.

What did Pamela Franco say about Christian Domínguez’s ampay? | instagram

Mary Moncada He gave an interview to Magaly Medina’s program, where he revealed that the connection with Domínguez dates back to 2023. Among the highlighted messages are those in which the cumbia performer asks his alleged lover to be ready before a certain time to pick her up. , which shows the planning of their meetings.

Among the most shocking elements of the report are audios revealed by Moncadain which Dominguez expresses affectionate words and anxiety for his return from USA. “Oh my darling! I like talking to you too. I also miss you and love you very much. I hope you come soon, very soon,” Domínguez is heard saying in one of the recordings, demonstrating a deep emotional connection with Moncada. This discovery has intensified discussions about Domínguez’s fidelity, since Moncada He indicated that he met with the singer on every visit to Peru.

Christian Domínguez said ‘My love, I miss you’ to Mary Moncada. (Composition: Infobae)

The relationship of Christian Dominguez and Pamela Franco It started in a musical context. The leader of the Great International Orchestra revealed having met Franco at a concert Huancayo. Later, both met again when they were co-hosts of the program “It gets good,” which led to a rapprochement and the beginning of their love relationship. Besides, Dominguez and Frank They are parents of a girl born on March 4, 2021, expanding the family of Domínguez, who already had two children from previous relationships.

The love story of Christian Dominguez and Pamela Franco It began with an ampay spread by Magaly Medinain 2019, placing the couple in the public eye since the host of ‘América Hoy’ still had a relationship with Isabel Acevedo.

The birth of the daughter Christian Dominguez and Pamela Franco marked a new stage for the singer, who was already experiencing fatherhood with his two previous children, his relationship with Karla Tarazona and Melanie Martinez.

The romance between Christian Domínguez and Pamela Franco began when they both met at a musical event, presumably when he was with Isabel Acevedo.

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