Petro goes to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office to defend his honor after Pastrana’s drug trafficking accusations

02/10/2023 October 2, 2023, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia: Colombian president Gustavo Petro takes part during an event where Admiral Jose Prudencio Padilla receives postumous promotion to Grand Admiral of the Nation, by the Colombian government on October 2, 2023. POLITICS Europa Press/Contact/Sebastian Barros

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, declared this Tuesday that he is going as planned to the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office to defend his “honor and good name”, as well as that of his Government after the accusations of drug trafficking that he attributed to late last year former president Andrés Pastrana. “Being president has a fixed period, but being a citizen and a democrat is everlasting, even at the risk of our own lives. I believe and defend the institutions of the country that gave me the privilege of directing them and I go in search of justice because no one can be above of the law,” Petro begins his statement. “As a democrat, I respect differences, but I do not respond to the violence of language reserved for those who want to profit from temporary power, with no other ideas than verbal aggression,” said the Colombian president. Petro has explained that with the complaint filed against former President Pastrana he intends for the leaders to set an example and not use his position to exceed the limits of freedom of expression without providing even a single piece of evidence in his accusations. “The country knows that the Prosecutor’s Office was created in 1991 as an institution that investigates and manages social conflicts with values ​​much superior in grandeur to those who, like weaklings, try to take political advantage of Justice,” emphasized Petro, who announced that if compensation is received, it will go “to a foundation with a social purpose.” PASTRANA REAFFIRMS HIS ACCUSATIONS For his part, former President Pastrana has announced that he will reaffirm his accusations and that he will present the necessary evidence. “There is a quantity of evidence and evidence, and of course we bring all the evidence,” he said before appearing at the Prosecutor’s Office headquarters, according to the radio station RCN. In turn, he has criticized that Petro has filed a complaint for what he claims is his exercise of freedom of expression. “It is a historic case in Colombia, it is the first time that a president of the republic denounces a former president for expressing his opinion, for being in opposition,” he said. “What is at stake here is freedom of thought, it is freedom of opinion, it is the freedom to oppose,” said Pastrana, who has insisted that he will go face to face with Petro in the Prosecutor’s Office to “prevent the right to opinion and opposition is criminalized. At the end of 2023, former President Pastrana used social networks to directly accuse Petro of having “merged” the Government of Colombia with drug trafficking using the “farce” of the ‘total peace’ plan, in reference to his policies to contain The orginazed crime.

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