Salud Total EPS reported being a victim of cyber attack: it confirmed to its users if their services were affected

The Health Superintendency announced monitoring of the attack suffered by the Total Health database – credit Infobae Colombia

Salud Total, a health promotion entity (EPS), reported on Monday, January 29, 2024, a cyber attack on its digital channels for two days, which would be affecting the availability of key information for its daily operations. This serious incident, reported to the press and its users, has led the entity to take emergency measures to protect the data and restore the affected services.

“Salud Total EPS-S informs that, on January 27, 2024, The entity’s technological platform was the subject of an external computer attackwhich has produced an unavailability of part of the information related to the operation,” stated the EPS.

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According to the EPS, its continuity systems were activated, by isolating your IT services and connections to your servers to prevent further data loss. The health company, as reported, is working on the implementation of preventive and reactive measures to recover the affected applications as soon as possible.

The EPS indicated that, despite the attack, the services continue to be provided without any news – Supersalud credit

To mitigate the impact on its users, who number more than 4.8 million, Total Health indicated that it has intensified customer service through its telephone line and extended in-person service hours in its health solutions centers. The virtual care channels affected by the incident include the Virtual Office, At-Home Point of Care, Mobile Application, and Pablo, Virtual Advisor.

Despite these inconveniences, the provision of medical services by Total Health continues without interruptions, which has ensured medical care, the delivery of medications and the performance of laboratory tests through its service network. Likewise, the EPS confirmed that it took legal action in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office and other relevant authorities.

In this order of ideas, Salud Total stated that in the interest of safety and quality in the provision of health services, had qualified personnel to restore the operation of its virtual channels and thanked its users for their understanding and trust during this period of crisis.

With this statement, Salud Total spoke out regarding the cyber attack against it – credit Infobae Colombia

After learning of this attack, The Health Superintendency delivered a piece of peace of mind to patients and other users of this health promoting entity, despite the claims and other complaints that would be related to what would be possible barriers to access; caused by multiple failures in Total Health information systems.

“The presidency of the EPS was requested to, through its different service channels, promptly inform its millions of members throughout the country of the events that occurred and the communication channels enabled to resolve concerns and difficulties that may arise,” indicated Supersalud in relation to the event described by the entity, which generated uncertainty.

For her part, the delegate for Health Insurance Entities of the Superintendency stated that actions are carried out in the field to identify elements of Total Health contingency and continuity plans, which are intended to guarantee the security of information and the health and administrative services that are required. The above, while recovery and activation of all EPS services is underway.

“It is worth pointing out that Supersalud will continue to act as guarantor of user rights“, carrying out strict and permanent monitoring of the implementation of the necessary actions to normalize care during the current contingency of the EPS Salud Total,” the entity stated in its statement.

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