The Argentine Justice knocks down another point of Milei’s deregulatory package

11/26/2023 November 26, 2023: Javier Milei, Argentine president, promised in campaign to blow up the Central Bank. POLITICS Europa Press/Contact/Luis Robayo

An Argentine federal court has suspended this Monday the repeal of the Land Law, a rule that restricts the sale of land to foreign citizens in a new setback for the deregulatory plan of the Argentine president, Javier Milei. The federal judge of La Plata Ernesto Kreplak has issued a precautionary measure against the repeal as a result of an appeal for protection presented by the La Plata Malvinas Islands Ex-Combatants Center (Cecim), reports the Argentine newspaper ‘La Nación’. The Law for the Protection of National Domain over Property, Possession or Tenure of Land, the official name of the law, thus regains its validity because the repealing decree does not explain why this measure would help solve the country’s social and economic problems. He also questions the decision to adopt a national emergency decree. “If the Executive does not give reasons for its choice (or provides them insufficiently), even if the decision is legally valid, it is not possible to control it in certain terms,” ​​explains the judicial opinion. The law limits the amount of land that a foreign citizen can acquire in the core zone to 1,000 hectares. Later the provinces established equivalences. The objective is that no more than 15 percent of the country’s rural land can be acquired, a figure that was 6.09 percent in 2011. In 2020 it had fallen to 5 percent.

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