The last objective of Real Madrid women in the Champions League so as not to leave empty-handed: an economic pinch to turn their accounts around

Real Madrid players celebrate a goal (EFE / Kiko Huesca)

The Real Madrid women’s team will play its last Champions League match of the season this Tuesday, given that it has already been mathematically eliminated. So far, the white club has not performed as expected of it in the already fatal international competition of a match for the group stage to be concluded, it has only managed to score one point. Now, with the thought of someone who knows that they can no longer continue dreaming about the European tournament, they still have one goal to fulfill: to get the maximum economic benefit from the Champions League, given that, until now, the women’s team is a pit of debt. for Florentino Pérez.

According to data published by Real Madrid, the women’s category has losses amounting to 8.4 million euros between 2021 and 2023. One of the president’s main objectives is to try to solve this issue and win sponsorships that allow him Reverse the situation. And the truth is that they need to generate income no matter what. In addition, there is another way to generate income in addition to sponsors and these are titles or the team’s participation in certain competitions, such as the Champions League.

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The truth is that the European competition grants 300,000 euros to each team for playing in the group stage. A sum that the white team has already achieved by qualifying for said tournament, but it does not stop there, since the profits can increase considerably depending on the performance of a team in the tournament.

Thus, for each match won, 50,000 euros are awarded and for a draw, 17,000 euros. In this way, the team led by Alberto Toril has only managed to score one point thanks to a draw against Chelsea. Therefore, so far it has achieved 317.00 euros, although they still have one last bullet to increase that figure.

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Regulations of the Women’s Champions League (UEFA)

Häcken will be the last team that Real Madrid faces in the Champions League, that is, the last opportunity to increase their profits. On November 23, they already met in Sweden and, whether due to the cold, the fans against them or because the locals did not allow a single error to Toril’s team, the match ended with a 2-1 for Häcken. Now, with the low temperatures giving Spain a respite, Real Madrid receives the Swedish team with its mind set on victory.

The objective is to take the three points, and not because they are going to have a chance in the competition, since they are mathematically eliminated, but because victory would inject 50,000 euros more into their accounts than what they have already received in the Champions League. That is, the European competition would grant the white club 367,000 euros.

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