The search continues for two teenagers missing in the Mendoza River

The search for the young man will continue today morning (Mendoza Post)

It has been two days since the police, firefighters and a team of rescuers are searching for two young people who disappeared last weekend while they were bathing in the Mendoza River and they were fiercely carried away by the current. The authorities have already confirmed that they are not looking for them alive, but rather to find the bodies.

One of them was starred by a 19 year old young manwho jumped into the Mendoza River, at the height of the Chimbas Lanein Caballero Estatefrom the town of Three Porteñasin San Martin.

“The young man’s brother-in-law stated that he was bathing in the Mendoza River and was lost from sight as a result of the river flooding,” the police said, according to what they learned. Telam.

Meanwhile, the other young man wanted, identified as R.C.has 16 years and disappeared when he was bathing at the height of the route 82In the town of Luján de Cuyo.

According to the information provided, he had gone to the place with friends and at one point decided to cool off near the river, but he was lost to sight.

With its disappearance, the number of emergencies 911 was alerted and it was recorded that the minor had been dragged by the river around 6:00 p.m.

In this context, Police Personnel were present at the scene. They even moved there Volunteer firemen and the Central Headquarters. Also added was the Falcon helicopterin the afternoon.

However, the search had to be suspended due to the lack of daylight, so this Monday in the early hours of the morning they resumed it and rescuers, firefighters and a police helicopter were present there, but it is still continuing without positive results.

It should be noted that the province of Cuyo is currently going through a strong heat wave that has been affecting it for several days. Even the National Meteorological Service (SMN) maintains a Red alert for the entire provincial territory due to “extreme temperatures.”

Nicolás Ciro Cottier Aguirre, the young man who died in Mendoza

Another similar case, but with a crude outcome, took place last Thursday and was carried out by a young man of 20 years who was an employee of a rafting excursion company, according to local media Sun.

The tragic event shocked the region of Luján de Cuyo, in the province of Mendoza. The victim was identified as Nicolás Ciro Cottier Aguirre and worked in one of the inns located in the town of Cacheutain which he served as an instructor of the activity that consists of jumping into the water on some type of raft and sailing in the direction of the current.

Among his tasks, he was in charge of explaining to visitors what the excursion they offered was like and then accompanying them on the tour, which he already knew from having taken it on several occasions.

However, the incident that ended with his death occurred closer to night, when he had already finished his day. According to the police, it happened when Aguirre was with other companions making a routine descent and the rubber in which they were transported turned around.

The circumstances under which this happened are still a matter of investigation. However, so far the main hypothesis is that it was due to a flood in the river, which had been previously warned. In this context, the victim was dragged by the current of water and then drowned.

The Mendoza authorities learned of what happened from several emergency calls, which reported that in the Cacheuta area, near the hot springs, there was a person who was being dragged by the current of water.

Immediately, the jurisdictional officers moved to the scene, who proceeded to search for the young man and carry out the corresponding rescue tasks in order to save him from the water.

Aguirre’s body was seen by police personnel who were flying over the place in a helicopter, from which they were able to see it at the height of the Álvarez Condarco Hydroelectric Plant. Consequently, he was rescued by troops and taken to the area of ​​the Luján Beach.

The death was confirmed around 10:00 p.m. After the news, from the Parador Camperrolocated at kilometer 26500 of Route 82, where he worked, they decided to suspend any activity due to the tragedy.

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