The TC admits the State’s appeal against the Aragon decree for its own energy model

Zaragoza, Jan 30 (EFECOM).- The Constitutional Court has accepted for processing the unconstitutionality appeal filed by the Government against the Aragonese decree approved in March 2023 by the executive of the socialist Javier Lambán to promote local energy consumption.

The decree was approved by the Government Council on March 20 of last year and ratified in the Cortes on the 30th of the same month, in the last plenary session of the last legislature, with the votes in favor of the quadripartite that governed the community at that time ( PSOE, Podemos, CHA and PAR), the abstention of the PP, Ciudadanos and Izquierda Unida and the vote against Vox.

At the end of December, the Government of Spain presented an appeal to the Constitutional Court against several provisions of the decree-law, believing that they invaded the powers of the State, in addition to suffering from a lack of budget enabling the norm to be approved by means of a decree-law, they point out. from the TC in a press release.

In its appeal, the Government of Spain invoked article 161.2 of the Constitution, which grants it the ability to challenge before the TC resolutions adopted by the bodies of the autonomous communities.

The Constitutional Court suspends the validity and application of the contested precepts, twenty in total, including article 4, which defines local energy consumption within the Aragonese territory and determines that these may be declared as priority.

Other sections that are suspended are those that establish that direct electricity lines and their authorization will be governed by the challenged decree law, as well as those that have to do with self-consumption facilities within the community, with the energy associations, with closed distribution networks, with the management of surpluses, with the authorization of complementary infrastructures or with the management of electrical demand. EFECOM


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