What did Jesús Barco do after Melissa Klug announced their separation?: Soccer player takes radical action

Jesús Barco makes a radical decision after being accused of cheating on Melissa Klug. | instagram

The relationship between Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco has come to an end. This was confirmed by the businesswoman through a statement on their social networks. In the text, he gave all responsibility to the Sport Boys player for the breakup, thus hinting at a alleged infidelity.

The news, initially spread by the presenter Rodrigo Gonzalez in his program ‘Amor y Fuego’ on Willax, he highlighted that the athlete would have admitted a mistakewhich led ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ to separate itself from him.

In the details of the love outcome, the entrepreneur made public through her Instagram stories that she always sought maintain a healthy relationship with Barcoeven taking extreme measures to ensure the well-being of your pregnancy.

Infidelity? Melissa Klug eliminates Jesús Barco from her social networks and he leaves the house they shared. | Willax

In his statement, Klug He expressed his intention to overcome this stage by relying on his family, placing special emphasis on the well-being of his little ones and his newborn.

Jesus Boat has captured media attention after Melissa Kluga showbiz figure, confirmed their separation and suggested that he was a victim of infidelity on the part of the footballer.

Faced with growing speculation and potential criticism, he opted for a preventive measure on his social networks, specifically on his Instagram account. He limited his followers’ ability to comment in his publications, an action that seeks to minimize negative comments towards him on this platform.

Despite the containment of direct reactions, still keeps photos active next to the influencer, indicating that, although she seeks to control the narrative around her person.

Jesús Barco limited his comments on Instagram. | capture/Instagram

As of the time of completing this report, no additional statements have been issued by the League 1 player.

Melissa Klug He surprised his followers by publishing an announcement, in which he confirmed his final separation with Jesus Barco, father of her last daughter. “To my dear followers and friends of the press I want to inform you that as of today my relationship has ended,” he wrote in the text.

He stressed that he tried to consolidate this union in the face of adversity. “From the first day I gave everything to achieve a healthy relationship, I even traveled abroad because my pregnancy was risky and I preferred to safeguard the life of the fruit of our years with the peace of mind that everything was going well between us,” he added.

In another paragraph, he pointed out the athlete as the person responsible for the breakup, further fueling rumors of a possible infidelity on the part of the player.

Melissa Klug announces her separation from Jesús Barco. | capture/Instagram

“During the 4 years of our relationship I have respected and taken care of our privacy as a couple and in his professional sports career with the responsibilities that this entails. Hence I give you all the responsibility of the end of the relationship with Mr. Jesús Barco”, he concluded.

Before the official confirmation of their separation by the businesswoman, Rodrigo Gonzalez addressed the topic on his show ‘Amor y Fuego’, referring specifically to the couple.

The television host indicated that he had received information according to which the footballer had had a mistake with the mother of his daughter. He also mentioned that the rumors intensified after both They stopped posting content together.

Melissa Klug confirms her separation from Jesús Barco. (Instagram)

“According to what I was told from a very good source, Jesús Barco would have admitted to Melissa Klug that he failed in the relationship (…) The same ‘rodriguistas’ told me that they are no longer seen together,” said the communicator.

“They just broke up. According to these data, something would have happened, something would have happened and Jesús Barco would have confirmed that these could be one of the last images of them together,” he added.

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