What happens if I eat eggs every day?

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Although the egg It is one of the most essential products in the basic basket of many Mexicans. For several years it has been said that ingesting it daily could have negative consequences for health because it apparently increases the cholesterol in the blood. However, here we tell you once and for all whether this is true or not, according to experts.

This input of animal origin is usually very useful not only because it can be preserved at room temperature, but it is also capable of being used in an endless number of dishes. Whether to prepare some eggs to taste, also to add it to batters, pancakes, desserts and much more.

During this first month of 2024According to data from the National Information and Market Integration System, the egg in CDMX had an approximate cost of 40 to 42 pesos per kilogram. For Edomex, the average cost was 30 pesos.

According to what he pointed out José Antonio Quintana Lópezacademic at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics (FMVZ) of the UNAM, For a portal of this university, there are several myths surrounding the egg that still prevail today.

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One of them is the popular belief that consuming eggs daily could negatively alter blood cholesterol.

In this sense, the expert pointed out that This is false, since the egg actually contains something known as a lectin that inhibits the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. Likewise, Quintana López, who is also a counselor at the National Poultry Institute, added that there are studies that prove that humans produce more cholesterol when they are tense or stressed, but this would have no relationship with the consumption of this product of animal origin.

The academic delved into the fact that consuming eggs regularly can be beneficial for health, since it contains protein, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids for the brain. In addition, it has a nutrient called choline that helps the development of memory.

In this sense, in October 2000 the American Heart Association (AHA) recommended consuming one egg per day to maintain a healthy life. Which left behind recommendations that indicated that no more than three eggs per week should be consumed.

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And, although eggs do contain cholesterol, it is dietary and does not affect the blood in healthy people. Therefore, it cannot be said that it is responsible for the increase in these values ​​in the human body.

According to the National Autonomous University of Mexico, an egg can contain between six to seven grams of protein. It also has about five to six grams of fat that is quickly digested.

The egg also contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K; in addition to being water-soluble as a B complex. For its part, egg yolk contains a protein called vitellin.

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