Who is Mary Moncada, the woman with whom Christian Domínguez was unfaithful to Pamela Franco?

Ampay to Christian Domínguez: Who is Mary Moncada and how she met the singer. atv

Once again, the cumbia singer Christian Dominguezis in the spotlight due to an infidelity scandal brought by Magaly Medina in his program, which marked his return this January 29 in ‘Magaly TV La Firme’. On this occasion, Dominguez He tried to keep his clandestine relationship with an unknown blonde a secret, not to mention that she was chased by the ‘magpie’ cameras.

Given this situation, the ATV showbiz program decided to investigate and present information about the blonde, who has been romantically linked to Dominguez, Even though he was in a relationship with Pamela Franco and as a result of their love they have a daughter. As recalled, in November 2023 the couple celebrated 4 years of relationship.

The ampay’s wife’s name is Mary Moncada, and she is a Peruvian who has lived in the United States for a long time, she is 35 years old, and she moved to the country of ‘Uncle Sam’ when she was 19 years old. Currently, she works as a brand manager at a major bank in Florida. She enjoys driving a Porsche, according to a report from Magaly Medina.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

Thanks to his experience in the banking sector, he has had the opportunity to travel to several countries and lead a carefree life. Furthermore, she mentioned that it was her cumbiambero who contacted her when she arrived in Peru with her family. “Hey, you’re here in Peru and you don’t let me know,” and well he told me: “When we see each other” and that’s it. Well, I told him: “If you want to see me, let him see me, then.”

“I’ve known him since June. We were sitting, oh, look, such. And obviously there is Cristian. He started flirting with me, like having an interaction with me, I played along. That’s where we started, him from the stage and me from my seat. The truth is, I mean, he is handsome,” he mentioned in an interview.

On the other hand, Pamela Franco has chosen to maintain silence on her social networks until now, and only the publications that she made many hours before finding out that Christian Domínguez was the protagonist of the ampay on Magaly TV La Firme are found. In one of them, the singer shared a video of herself with a song that says: “Good morning, I think today is my day.” It seems that the new figure of América Televisión did not expect to find those images, and it is expected that in a few hours there will be an announcement from both.

(Capture: Magaly TV La Firme)

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