Between tears and confessions, Santiago del Moro entered the GH house by surprise

Santiago Entered Gh’s House

With the game becoming more advanced, the house of Big Brother is in a new adaptation. After the departure of Alan and Denise, the board rearranges itself again and the players change their strategies. With this panorama, Santiago del Moro entered the house and met the participants.

In a climate of expectation, since the little brothers believed that some of the former participants could re-enter, the driver surprised the players. The first to see him were Lucía and Agostina, who tried to hide the arrival of the communicator. However, when everyone began to approach the door, del Moro entered and everyone burst into a scream.

Santiago distributed letters from family members to the players

Between greetings, hugs and excitement, the driver crossed the catwalk with two suitcases and told the participants that he brought many surprises. With all the players following him, del Moro took one of the two and headed to one of the rooms.

With everyone at the table, the driver revealed the contents of a suitcase. These were the long-awaited letters from relatives, which the players won when Virginia made everyone believe that she was leaving the house. “The family sent a message to all of you, with one word. “I’m going to read it, you are going to tell me who you think sent it to you and I want each of you to tell me why you think that person said that word to you,” Del Moro began by saying.

Santiago read the messages to the players

The first envelope was for Apple, but before giving it to him, Santiago asked him what self-criticism he made of his game. “I think I’m learning to play here, I’m not an expert in the game, but I try. Sometimes it is difficult for me to miss, I arrive at the weekend at the last of my energy and it is difficult for me to show myself to people. When I’m down I try to push myself up,” explained the singer. “After telling me everything, someone sent you a word, the message for you is wake up,” the driver retorted when reading the message from the boy’s mother.

The next one was Agostina, whose word was ‘authentic’, sent by his mother. “He tells me this because I am what they see, he misses me a lot. “I miss everything, my daughter, my mother, my routine,” the police said through tears. Another of those who received messages was Lucía, who received a letter from her girlfriend. As if it were a key, the envelope said ‘super powerful’.

The players reacted when reading the letters from their relatives

One of those who caused the most excitement all night was Emmanuel, who received a message from his boyfriend. “Do you know what he says? I don’t know what this is, it’s a code. Cuchicu,” del Moro read, immediately causing the young man to cry. Through tears, the hairdresser explained: “It’s cuchicú, it’s love. I miss him a band, I was never separated from Nico for so long, never since I was 19 years old. He is benching me, no matter how much I inflate my balls with Joel.”

One of the most anticipated letters was Rage, who received the message from his sister. ‘Excellent’ was the word chosen by the stuntwoman’s family member. “I guess it’s Coi who talks to me, I don’t talk to my family. Just keep going, it helps me and it’s giving me a hand. “I am very different,” said the player.

Another of the controversial messages was that of Sabrina. Before reading her envelope, Santiago asked him if he wanted him to be really honest. After his statement, del Moro told him that initially there was a message from her boyfriendHowever, this was changed and it was his mother who wrote to him: ‘Persevere.’ “She says that she should keep me as I am, that she should be true to myself, to my feelings,” said the accountant.

Among other messages, Martin Ku received ‘risk’, in a clear allusion to his game. Joel received ‘impeccable’ from his mother. The letter of Nicholas It was ‘explota’, who cried and then hugged Chino. So too Baptist received the keyword ‘topa’. Now, the participants will face a new nomination plate. With Martín Ku as the new leader, this time the vote is negative again. Thus, Santiago del Moro closed his time at the house with two surprises: soon they will compete for the zero kilometer car and the challenge for his own house.

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