Gabriela Guillén reacts to the alleged relationship she would have had while seeing Bertín Osborne

01/30/2024 Gabriela Guillén attending to the press before entering her home. EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY

The weeks go by but the media focus remains very focused on the story of the physiotherapist and her controversial relationship with Bertín Osborne. Her story does not stop growing and we are learning more and more information about her life before and during her relationship with the singer. Recently, the statements of a person close to her were made known and today we were able to speak with her to find out what she thinks of those words. Gabriela Guillén was silent when asked if it is true that she had a parallel relationship while she was seeing Bertín Osborne. This relationship would have been with an Arab man, who would have traveled to Spain several times to see her. She did not want to confirm or deny this information, dedicating a defiant face to the press after the question. She is still waiting to see if the paternity test will finally be performed on her son, she has not wanted to say anything about it either. She recently suffered a robbery in the vicinity of her home where her car was broken into to steal her son’s stroller, something that she wanted to confirm with a brief: “yes, that’s what I said.” “. When asked if she was afraid, she simply laughed in front of the cameras before entering the portal of her home.

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