Insult, boos, an expelled person and the request for VAR: the pearls of the debate on the omnibus law in Congress

A person who insulted Myriam Bregman was expelled from the premises

They remove a man who insulted Bregman in the Chamber of Deputies

Deputy Gerardo Martinezhead of the Unión por la Patria bloc, interrupted the round of privilege issues to raise a complaint that revolutionized the venue: “Above the screen,” he pointed out. There is a person who insulted the representative (Myriam) Bregman, until he retires we cannot continue meeting.”

The opposition legislator’s claim provoked a succession of endorsements from other legislative representatives who considered it inadmissible to continue with the debate in the midst of what they considered “lack of respect.” Given the angry and repeated complaints that blocked the continuity of the discussion, Martin Menem He had no choice but to intervene.

Initially, the president of the Chamber of Deputies asked to continue because “VAR will not be requested”, but then he had to ask security to remove a man who was not publicly identified from the scene. This person left accompanied by agents of the Chamber and by the libertarian deputies Romina Diez and Alejandro Bongiovanni.

The expelled person was in the box of the PEP Committee (Entrepreneurial SMEs and Producers) that brings together businessmen from all over the country. Who was there They assure that the person sneaked in and they don’t know who he is.

Issues of privilege

The debate in the venue began at 10:29 with 134 attendees, which allowed for a quorum, but the start of treatment punctual of the so-called omnibus law was delayedeither.

The reform promoted by the national government only began to be discussed almost two hours later, after opposition legislators expressed themselves on a dozen privileged issues. In this context, the insult to Deputy Bregman occurred, which interrupted the discussion for several minutes.

This looks like a soccer field

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Martín Menem (Photo: Adrián Escándar)

In the midst of the commotion generated by each of the interventions of those who raised issues of privilege, Miguel Pichetto asked to speak to ask for a little order in the room: ““Boos are not tolerable, let the word be respected, if this is not a soccer field.”

The legislator who does not enter the bench

Martín Yeza shows that his knees hit the bench

It will be 40 hours without entering the seat 😂”; With that message and a photo posted on the social network

The message generated numerous reactions and Yeza summarized his problem with a phrase “We tall people are used to adapting to the world”.

Dart to the deputies who left Unión por la Patria

Deputy Leandro Santoro

Legislator Leandro Santoro was one of the first to ask for a question of privilege. And he used his space to criticize the ruling party’s ways to gain votes to approve the omnibus law.

“It is public knowledge that, in recent days, This House has been the subject of an attack absolutely unprecedented in history of modern democracy,” said the opposition deputy.

The tightening carried out by the Government paid off. They generated fear and There were deputies who changed their vote due to pressure from their governors. “This Chamber is tinged with suspicions of corruption and oppression,” she concluded.

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