Jorge Robledo scolded Gustavo Petro for “emptying” the Minister of Housing for not solving water problems in Quibdó

Jorge Enrique Robledo asked Gustavo Petro not to make fun of Colombians or the Afro community – credit Colprensa

A woman who attended a Government with the People conference that took place in Quibdó (Chocó), reminded President Gustavo Petro of the problems they still have with the aqueduct, which is intervened by the Superintendency of Public Services. The president’s response was concrete: “We have not made investments.”

And he added: “In this we have to face things as they are and excuse me for saying so, If Quibdó is the poorest capital in Colombia, if its majority population is black, if we said that we were going to build social equality as far as we can, how come our Government has not assumed the Quibdó aqueduct?”. Then, the spectators applauded.

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However, the fact that Petro recognized the lack of attention to the population not only generated applause; Also, criticism. One of them is that of former senator Jorge Enrique Robledo, who on have taken measures to guarantee the aqueduct they need in the municipality.

It is a genius of @petrogustavo to criticize the Minister of Housing for not having done anything for the Quibdó aqueduct – which drew applause from the audience -, while he hid the fact that he, after 17 months as President, never gave the order to build and did not allocate the money to do so. “Petro must respect the Afro community in Colombia,” criticized Robledo.

Jorge Robledo questioned Gustavo Petro for recognizing that nothing had been done for the Quibdó aqueduct until 17 months after coming to power – credit @JERobledo/X

The problem in Quibdó is not new. According to the former congressman, half of the inhabitants of Quibdó do not have water and the other half only have this resource for a few hours a day. They have lived this for “many years”, but no government has “done anything” to solve it. Now, Gustavo Petro joins the list.

In addition to the inaction of the current administration, for Robledo it is questionable that after more than a year of government, the president has noticed and recognized the lack of attention to Quibdó. “17 months and he didn’t realize! Of course, what will you think if you have spent a lot of time traveling around the world, on a lot of trips that, in general, are not necessary?. “No more mockery of Colombians, President Petro, and, especially, no more mockery of the blacks of Colombia,” said the former senator.

Jorge Enrique Robledo asked Gustavo Petro not to make fun of Colombians or the Afro community – credit @JERobledo/X

“The truth is, I’m not knowing myself. It can’t be, that’s the first thing. On the first day, upon entering a ministerial office, the first thing to ask is where the poor people’s aqueducts are.because water is the basic condition of existence,” said the president, after acknowledging that nothing has been done to solve the problem in Quibdó.

He assured that it is not possible that, at the end of their term, they come out with excuses such as that they “could not” provide solutions for the needs of the population. However, he not only took responsibility for himself but blamed previous governments for also doing nothing about it.

His statements made the former presidential candidate and leader of the Oxygen Green party, Ingrid Betancourt, react in X: “He confesses his incompetence and is applauded”.

Ingrid Betancourt Pulecio questioned Petro for recognizing that it has not invested in the Quibdó aqueduct – credit @IBetancourtCol/X

In fact, he questioned that no money was allocated to the Quibdó aqueduct and that billions of pesos have been invested in the construction of the Ruta del Sol II, which was the epicenter of the notorious acts of corruption committed by the Brazilian multinational Odebrecht. The scandal involved officials and former officials of the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), investigated today by the Attorney General’s Office.

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