L-Gante introduced his new girlfriend on TV

Lgante introduced his new girlfriend

This Tuesday night Fer Dente began a new season of Night al Dente, the cycle that runs on the screen of América TV and as the first guest he received nothing more and nothing less than L-Ghentthe cumbia 420 singer who was encouraged by all the driver’s questions.

In the middle of the talk, at one point they talked about their love life. Far from remaining reserved, the artist clarified that he was dating a young woman with whom he shared several images on social networks, and immediately afterwards made the official presentation of his girlfriend who was behind the camera accompanying him.

The young woman in question is Candle Arizaga and it was Dente who realized that the young woman was next to the cameras with a friend. “Sorry, but I can’t avoid the question: Where is that bomb that’s standing there?” asked the host of the question and answer series.

Lgante introduced his new girlfriend Candela

“Yes, that blonde bombshell,” he stated. Elian Valenzuela with a somewhat embarrassing laugh. In that sense, the presenter did not want to put a label on their bond but asked if she was his “partner” and if they had known each other for a long time. For her part, Lgante replied: “Yes, it’s been a couple of dates now… and we’re getting to know each other, all of ten,” he added.

For a few days now, Lgante has been sharing images on her Instagram stories with a mysterious young woman because she couldn’t show her face well. They took some pictures in front of the mirror and also together in a convertible car.

Lgante with his girlfriend sharing several images on social networks

Even last week, a video of the artist with her hanging out in a bowling alley in the city of Mar del Plata was leaked. “They were kissing all night,” had told at the time Pepe Ochoa producer of THE Mprogram that leads Angel de Brito on the screen of America.

But who is Candela Arizaga? The young woman who conquered the heart of L-Ghent. As can be read in the biography of her Instagram profile, the young woman is a model, promoter and has more than 150 thousand followers on this social network. She is blonde, with blue eyes, shows a fitness life and is a Rosario Central fan.

Although not everything is rosy in the singer’s life. This relationship with Cande would have brought him some problems with Tamara Baez his ex and mother from Jamaica, the girl they have in common. It was she who left him some comments on the platforms where he questioned his role as a father and also called his girlfriend a “cat.” Far from remaining silent, the artist commented and a crossover was generated on social networks.

Candela, Lgante’s new girlfriend (IG: candelamagliok)

It all happened in a photo that the artist shared on his Instagram feed with his daughter Jamaica. Upon seeing the image, Báez commented spicy and bluntly: “Always from mom and with mom.” In that sense, “L-Gante was not far behind and swept Tamara away,” said the panelist. Estefi Berardi and immediately afterwards he read the singer’s response, upset by his ex’s statements, although he always remained focused.

“Always grateful for raising our daughter. “I would love to be able to be at home 24/7, but I have to fulfill my duty to work,” The artist began by saying, supporting Jamaica’s mother’s comment.

He then added: “I work to always fulfill your requests,” He launched in a spicy way and insisted: “With pleasure and pride I will not need you anything, other than my presence in the distance when I have a tour,” he concluded.

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