Melissa Klug speaks out after breaking up with Jesús Barco due to infidelity: “I was never behind him”

Melissa Klug speaks out after the breakup with Jesús Barco: “I was never behind him.” (Composition: Infobae)

The businesswoman Melissa Klug has generated a media stir after announcing her separation from the footballer Jesus Barco, with whom he shared a 4-year relationship and they recently had a daughter. In the midst of this surprising breakup, the businesswoman broke her silence to deny speculation about her alleged insistence on her life. his ex-partner and being behind him.

In an interview with a local media, the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ denied having been in the footsteps of the soccer player, as many speculate, arguing that her main focus has always been her six children and now her newborn.

Given thisklug Being very aware of him, he refused and responded forcefully: “Behind him? Never! The only men I would be behind are my children,” she stated to Trome. However, Jefferson Farfán’s ex-partner decided not to speak more about it.

Melissa Klug went out partying after separating from Jesús Barco. (Instagram/Willax)

On their social networks, Melissa alluded to karma, implying that negative actions eventually have consequences. Apparently, in a strong allusion to her now ex-partner, the ‘Sport Boys’ footballer.

“When you harm a person, destiny is responsible for tripling the pain caused, actions become pain because everything rotates, everything vibrates and everything returns, karma exists and what one does in this life, in this same life one is held accountable. , and whoever does it laughing, crying pays,” reads Samahara Lobatón’s mother in her publication.

As recalled, the businesswoman issued a statement on January 29 announcing the end of her relationship with Jesus Barco. In the statement, he made it clear that he had not failed in his commitment to the couple’s privacy and attributed responsibility for the end of the relationship to the footballer, amid rumors of possible infidelity.

Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco: the truth behind their possible breakup and the reason that drove them away. | broadcast/capture Willax/capture Instagram

“To my dear followers and friends of the press I want to inform you that as of today my relationship with Mr. Jesús Barco has ended,” Melissa Klug began her statement.

“People who know me know that from day one, I gave everything to achieve a healthy relationship, I even traveled abroad because my pregnancy was risky and I preferred to safeguard the life of the fruit of our love with the peace of mind that everything was going well. between us,” he added.

“During the 4 years of our relationship, I have respected and cared for our privacy as a couple and his professional sports career, so I give all responsibility for ending the relationship to Jesús Barco,” he expressed in a segment of his extensive message.

Melissa Klug announces her separation from Jesús Barco. | capture/Instagram

Despite having recently given birth and having celebrated her daughter’s second month of life just two days ago with Jesús Barco, Melissa Klug shows admirable strength. The ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ is not daunted and demonstrates unwavering determination. On the night of Monday, January 29, Klug left her home accompanied by a group of friends and one of her daughters.

The businesswoman was seen in a bar, sharing with her friends, enjoying drinks and singing at the top of her lungs, although there was evidence of a broken heart. Despite trying to put her best face forward, it is crucial to recognize that she is going through a difficult time, especially considering that she has recently given birth to her sixth child.

When she left the nightclub, various entertainment cameras followed her in search of statements after the end of their relationship. However, her friends acted quickly to protect her and avoid media exposure, taking her almost immediately to her home.

Melissa Klug distanced from Jesús Barco this Christmas 2023. | Infobae Composition

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