New details of the feminicide of Isabella Mesa in Medellín: her soldier boyfriend stabbed her 24 times

Isabella Mesa was stabbed 24 times by her boyfriend, the soldier Sebastián Villegas – social media credits

On Sunday, January 28, the body of the young Isabella Mesa, 19, was found inside a suitcase in commune six of Medellín; The main suspect in the feminicide was her boyfriend Sebastián Villegas, a 21-year-old soldier who was handed over to the authors by her own mother, who was horrified to learn of the macabre crime that her son had perpetrated.

On Tuesday, January 30, the capture legalization hearing was held in which the Prosecutor’s Office revealed details of the feminicide and details of the testimony of the mother of the person accused of feminicide were also known.

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During the hearing, the accusing body announced that Villegas stabbed Mesa 24 times: “Eight stab wounds with a knife in the cervical region, seven wounds in the left breast region, three in the left abdomen, six more wounds in the left forearm, which shows that there was a defense action,” said the prosecutor in the case.

The young woman was in the company of her romantic partner, the main suspect in the crime – credit Isabella Mesa/Instagram

In the middle of the process against the accused feminicide, it was announced that the soldier was exposed after his mother and stepfather arrived from church on January 28 around 4 in the afternoon and found him mopping the floor of his house .

The situation seemed strange to the woman, but she did not pay much attention to it, not knowing that her son was actually erasing traces of blood from his daughter-in-law, whom he had just murdered and had packed inside a suitcase.

“He entered his room, after a while his message arrived. son Sebastián Villegas Córdoba who told him that he had killed Isabella, but did not tell him where the body was. Then she went to the battalion where he worked and there they told her to go to a CAI to report what happened,” the Prosecutor’s Office indicated.

Immediately, the woman, horrified by what her son had done, went to the Pedro Nel Ospina Engineer Battalion No. 4, where Sebastián Villegas was serving in the military, and notified the 21-year-old’s superiors, who told him to go. with the Police because the incident had to be dealt with by the ordinary justice system.

The mother went to the Battalion facilities to report the situation, which was reported by the Military Unit to the National Police.who went to the place where he found the lifeless woman’s body,” the Army announced in a statement.

Sebastián Villegas was presented before a judge for the crime of aggravated feminicide – credit Prosecutor’s Office

In interview with News One Sandra Mesa, Isabella Mesa’s mother, announced that she found out about her daughter’s death from Sebastián Villegas’ mother, who contacted her to inform her of the tragic event.

I found out through Sebastián’s mother, she started contacting me everywhere, (by) my phone number, because I don’t live here in the country.and he called me and gave me the sad news that (Isabella) had arrived (to Colombia) and His son had killed my daughter and packed her in a suitcase.”, said.

Sandra Mesa told the Prosecutor’s Office that her daughter was a victim of gender-based violence and psychological violence by Villegas, who threatened her, forced her to share her phone screen and send her videos from her social networks to see who she was talking to.

“She listened when he threatened her. She could realize that He demanded that she share the cell phone screen with him, in addition to sending him videos of the WhatsApp to see who she was talking to. ‘What I saw about Sebastián was that he was a controlling person and he was a jealous person (…) Sebastián told her that if he realized that she was talking to other men, he wouldn’t mind killing anyone, even killing herself.’“, indicated the Prosecutor’s Office.

Sebastián Villegas did not accept the charges of aggravated femicide that were brought against him and starting at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, January 31, the hearing against him will continue.

According to the version of a friend of Isabella Mesa, before the homicide the couple had had an argument in the middle of a party on a farm and, apparently, that altercation triggered the feminicide.

“The altercations began at the party. When (the party) was over at the farm where we were, they started to struggle, she told him to let her go, not to pick her up. “He was jealous of everyone, he was obsessed, he was extremely possessive,” Isabella Mesa’s friend told Caracol News.

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