Princess Leonor says goodbye to the Interacademia tournament with a volleyball match

01/30/2024 Princess Leonor has participated in a friendly volleyball match before returning to the Zaragoza Academy POLITICS EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY INTERACADEMIES

After 3 unforgettable days marked by sport and camaraderie, Princess Leonor says goodbye to Murcia after participating in the XXIV Sports Championship of Military Academies for Officers – popularly known as Interacademias – whose objective is to promote coexistence between military students of the Academies of Zaragoza (Army), San Javier (Air) and Marín (Water). A very special event in which King Felipe participated in 1987 competing in javelin throwing, and in which now the heir to the throne has captured all eyes practicing two disciplines: fencing and volleyball. This Sunday Leonor participated with her fellow second-year cadets from the Zaragoza Academy in a mixed fencing competition where, demonstrating her skill in sports, florin in hand, she won a creditable second place. And, as we had never seen her, the Princess of Asturias posed delighted with her silver medal, taking her place on her podium of honor. Her time at Interacademias has not ended here, since before saying goodbye to Murcia and returning to the Aragonese capital to resume her military training, the first-born of King Felipe and Letizia participated in a friendly volleyball match with her teammates. she. Dressed in blue shorts, a red t-shirt and the regulation knee pads, Princess Leonor – who has been practicing this sport since she was a child – has been part of the team made up of students from her Academy and the San Javier Academy. And after a highly contested match, they ended up losing to their rivals, a team made up of members of the Naval Academy and the Central Defense Academy. A defeat that the Princess has accepted with a smile, posing for her memory in a family photo with which she has put the finishing touch to her time at Interacademias.

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