Strong fire consumes a recycling factory in Valle de Chalco; several families lose their homes | VIDEO

Firefighters from Edomex and CDMX are already in the area trying to extinguish the fire. Photo: ADN40

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, January 30, the recycling factory fire of plastic packaging within the limits of Chalco Valley and Los Reyes La Pazin it Mexico state. According to several reports on social networks, the huge column of black smoke which measures about 10 meters high, can be seen even from other municipalities and the east of Mexico City.

Local media reported that firefighters of the State and Mexico City, as well as the affected municipalities and Ixtapaluca, are already carrying out work to put out the flames that consume thousands of PET containers; So far, no injured or intoxicated people have been reported.

On the other hand, the authorities recommend that residents of surrounding areas close doors and windows tightly to prevent smoke from entering to their properties. It is important to mention that the fire was recorded a few meters from the Mexico-Puebla highwayso it is already reported intense vehicular load due to the work of the emergency services.

“Following up on the report of a fire in Al Tiradero Avenue, Carlos Salinas de Gortari neighborhoodin the municipality of Valle de Chalco in Edomex, we inform that we are supporting fire extinguishing efforts in a pet recycler“, published in X on Heroic Fire Department of the CDMX. On the other hand, there are also personnel from the Coordination of Civil Protection of the State of Mexico.

A fire is reported in a recycling company on the borders of Valle de Chalco and Los Reyes La Paz, Edomex Credit:jhohanthetimetrav

Users of social networks have shared photographs and videos that show the magnitude of the incident in the recycling factory. “Incredible, work in Xochimilco and up to here you can see” and “I come very calmly on the bus and I see that something is burning behind the hill”, are some of the messages that accompany the publications, mainly in X.

A fire is reported in a recycling company on the borders of Valle de Chalco and Los Reyes La Paz Credit: @adn40

According to the first reports of damage, several families lost their homes after the fire; However, the number of affected houses is not yet known.

Moments after the fire, the Megalopolis Environmental Commission reported that the fire in a PET recycling plant caused a high and extensive column of smoke that spread to the southeast of the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico. However, he clarified that the incident did not have any repercussions on air quality.

“The pollutants produced by the fire will be dispersed at a high altitude towards the Milpa Alta area and the limits of Mexico City with the State of Mexico,” he said in a statement.

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