Tamara Gorro reveals how her grandparents are feeling after their recent health scare

01/29/2024 Tamara Gorro attends the opening of the Rhudo restaurant EUROPE SPAIN SOCIETY

The last few weeks have been a real roller coaster of emotions for Tamara Gorro. Two of her great pillars, her ‘yayos’ – as she affectionately calls her grandparents – have been admitted to a Madrid hospital with serious health problems and, very concerned as she has shared with her ‘virtual family’, the influencer has not separated from his side. A scare from which fortunately they are now recovering at home and which coincided with the 37th birthday of the collaborator of ‘And now Sonsoles’ on January 18, who decided to celebrate – after the improvement of her children – by escaping for a few days to the mountains with his caravan, ‘la Gorneta’, to breathe fresh air and regain strength after several days without living mainly because of his grandfather, who became quite serious and had to undergo surgery. Back in the capital, and as she shared with her 2 million followers on Instagram, Tamara decided to “celebrate life” and blow out the candles with a big party at her house last weekend in which she had the support of all her friends and her ex-husband, Ezequiel Garay, with whom she has a very special relationship that many believe will end with a new opportunity for their love story. A party that lasted until 7 in the morning, as a radiant Tamara told us at the opening of the Rhudo restaurant, where she captured all eyes with a tight passion red dress and matching lipstick. “I had a great time. It was a small birthday because it was against the clock because you know that I made a big mess, but I was very happy, very happy and celebrating life, which is enough,” she reveals, confessing that the only wish she has made this year is “That my grandparents are well. It’s what torments me the most right now.” “My grandfather and my grandmother have been very ill, both in the same hospital room. So that was the wish I made and to continue, at least, as I am. Everything is in order and it is enough,” she admits with relief.

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