The number of suspected terrorists killed in clashes with Pakistani forces rises to nine

06/25/2022 A Pakistani soldier in Torjam, Pakistan POLITICS ASIA PAKISTAN AHMAD KAMAL / XINHUA NEWS / CONTACTOPHOTO

Clashes between Pakistani security forces and suspected terrorists in the town of Mach, located in the province of Balochistan (west), have left 15 dead, including four agents and two civilians, as well as nine terrorists, including three suicides. The Pakistani Army Information Bureau (ISPR) has reported that the attack occurred on the night of Monday to Tuesday, when “multiple terrorists” attacked “the Mach and Kolpur complexes, to which the law enforcement forces responded effectively.” , according to a statement published on its website. “Immediately afterwards, the security forces that were in the area were mobilized and carried out the relevant operation. So far nine terrorists, including three suicide bombers, have been sent to hell and three have been injured,” indicated the Army. However, “during the intense exchange of fire”, four members of the law enforcement agencies and two other civilians have died. “The effective response of law enforcement agencies is a testament to their tireless determination in the fight against terrorism,” said the ISPR, underlining that security forces work “shoulder to shoulder with other law enforcement agencies.” “to guarantee peace and stability in the country. Hours earlier, the province’s Minister of Information, Jan Achakzai, put the number of suspected terrorists “eliminated” at six in the framework of an operation launched after a projectile attack that has caused some of the residents to be trapped in their homes by the explosions and gunshots.

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