Missing woman was found in a mass grave: her romantic partner shot her in the face and tried to hide the body

Femicide registered in Cauca: man shot his romantic partner and tried to hide the body in a common grave – credit EFE.

A sectional prosecutor charged the crimes of aggravated femicide in conjunction with the manufacture, trafficking and carrying of firearms and concealment, alteration or destruction of material evidence. William Martínez Daguafor allegedly having murdered his romantic partner and trying to hide the body.

The events occurred on November 25when the defendant allegedly shot the woman more than once in the face, Luz Mabel Ulcué Nene38 years old, causing his death.

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The victim’s family had reported his disappearance to the Attorney General’s Office.but later reported that his body had been transferred to the El Palo district, a rural area of ​​the municipality of Caloto, north of Cauca.

Agents from the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) arrived there on December 6 and once the verifications were carried out they were able to confirm the discovery of Luz Mabel’s body with several gunshots in her face and hidden in a grave, where he had been buried for eight days.

Once the body was exhumed, it was transferred to the headquarters of the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, where forensic examinations were performed to thoroughly investigate the causes of death and for full recognition of its identity.

The capture of the alleged feminicide by CTI agents in the company of soldiers from the Pichincha Infantry battalion of the Army, took effect on Friday, December 15, when he voluntarily appeared at the headquarters of the CTI of Santander de Quilichao and declared himself to be guilty of the death of his romantic partner.

William Dagua surrendered at the CTI headquarters in Santander de Quilichao – credit to the Attorney General’s Office.

When investigators from the Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the SPOA (information system of the Attorney General’s Office for the Oral Accusatory Criminal System), they found that the captured person has two previous judicial notes for the crimes of terrorism and false automobile trademark.

For the death of Luz Mabel Ulcué Nenea criminal judge with a guarantee control function imposed a security measure on the accused consisting of preventive detention in a prison facility, while all the corresponding investigations are carried out and the respective judicial process is carried out, respecting all his rights set forth in the Political Constitution. from Colombia.

This is how the plenary session of the Chamber was when the victims and survivors of gender-based violence intervened – credit

On December 13, in the plenary session of the House of Representatives, a political control debate was held focused on gender violence and the growing number of femicides in Colombia. Within the framework of this session, survivors and mothers whose daughters were murdered shared their experiences about the revictimization they face and the lack of adequate state protection.

The represent Catherine Juvinao (Green Alliance), which called the debate, denounced the absence of a considerable number of representatives and some ministers mentioned, who left the plenary session almost without attendees, despite the presence of women who traveled from different regions of the country. Juvinao also apologized to these women for the lack of attention received during the session.

“Several victims or survivors of attacks or relatives of the women who were murdered came here, they came from various parts of the country, they made the effort and could not be heard by the full ministers or by the representatives,” warned the congresswoman for Network+ News.

And he added that “we do not even have 20% of the representatives in the Chamber, of almost 200 representatives; I wonder if seeing this empty space is simply a mirror of what we are as a society“If this is simply the reflection of the absolute indolence and insensitivity that this entire country has towards gender-based violence and femicides.”

The crime of Michel Dayana Gonzáleza case of feminicide that has placed gender violence at the center of public debate, had been one of the factors, among others, that prompted the call for the debate on political control.

This is how the plenary session of the Chamber was when the victims and survivors of gender-based violence intervened – credit

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