A British commission sees the migrant deportation law “incompatible” with Human Rights

A British Parliament committee has concluded that the law with which Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants to begin deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda is “essentially incompatible” with existing human rights regulations in the United Kingdom. at the beginning of a key week for the processing of this project. The Joint Commission on Human Rights, which includes representatives of different parties – including the Tories – has examined the text and has highlighted that, for example, it denies migrants the right to have an independent court evaluate their case before being expelled. Likewise, they have pointed out that the principle according to which an individual must be protected from possible situations of “persecution, torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or death” is a key aspect of the commitments that the United Kingdom has been respecting for seven decades. In this sense, they believe that regardless of the commitments that the governments of the United Kingdom and Rwanda may make to determine that this second country is safe, it should be the courts and not the legislators who evaluate the real conditions of the destination. The Home Office has instead insisted that “Rwanda is clearly a safe country that cares about refugees.” A spokesperson for this department therefore considers that the law currently under debate and the bilateral treaty signed last year between the two countries are “the best way to get flights to Rwanda taking off as soon as possible”, reports the BBC. The initiative, which has sparked a bitter debate within the Conservative Party – members of the hardest wing believe that the law is not immune from future legal disputes – will be debated this week in the House of Lords. In 2023, the Supreme Court already struck down a previous attempt to launch deportations, alleging that Rwanda was not a safe country.

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