Are you in love or are you afraid of being alone? 9 signs that you suffer from emotional dependence in your relationship

People who are afraid of being alone get involved or maintain relationships despite not being in love (Freepik)

In February 2022, taking advantage of the Day of love and Friendshipthe Ministry of Health of Peru (Minsa) highlighted the importance of paying attention to it and identifying the emotional dependence in the Couple relationships, with the aim of promoting the healthy ties between Peruvians.

In this regard, one of the ways of emotional dependence The most common but which is not usually talked about much is the one experienced by those people who are afraid of being alone and that is why they get involved or maintain Couple relationships despite not being lovers.

Emotional dependence is a psychological state that can manifest itself in different ways (Illustrative Image Infobae)

The image of someone who suffers emotional dependence in a Relationship It is usually associated with that of a person who likes to spend as much time as possible with his or her in love, boyfriend or husband. However, the emotional dependence It is a psychological state that can manifest itself in different ways.

Individuals who develop this type of dependency usually experience a series of behaviors, among which the following stand out:

  • It is very difficult for them to be alone, when they are not with their couple They experience stress or anxiety.
  • Because they want to please their loved ones all the time. couplethey are afraid to express their opinions so as not to argue with her.
  • They believe they are not good enough for their couple and that is why they live obsessed that they will be deceived.

But a behavior that is not usually related to emotional dependence It is the fear of being alone, which leads these individuals to stay in Couple relationships although they are not lovers or they are not happy in said love bond.

When you are not in love, spending time with your partner does not provoke enthusiasm or joy or any pleasant and intense emotion (Illustrative Image Infobae)

To find out if someone is missing in love and in reality he is just afraid of being alone, there are 9 signs that can be useful to identify people with emotional dependence:

  1. You quickly start a relationship: Before you know the person you’re dating well, you rush to turn that connection into a relationship. Relationship. The fear of being alone is stronger than choosing someone who really is an ideal partner for you.
  2. Loneliness makes you feel anxious: When you are alone you feel anxiety and discomfort, so your relationship becomes the escape route so you don’t have to deal with what you feel alone.
  3. Your partner’s presence does not excite you: even though the company of your in love, boyfriend or husband frees you from loneliness, being by his side does not cause you enthusiasm or joy or any pleasant and intense emotion.
  4. You feel exhausted: Instead of being filled with the energy of falling in love, you feel exhausted or experience low energy levels after spending time with your partner. couple.
  5. Silence makes you uncomfortable: in every relationship couple There are times when neither of them speaks and they are usually spaces of tranquility. But if the silence between you and you in loveboyfriend or husband makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be because you are afraid of being alone.
  6. You avoid deep conversations: Talking about delicate, painful or intimate topics can generate emotional connection between those who are lovers. But if in reality you are not experiencing a crush, then you will look for a way not to have those types of conversations.
  7. You feel relief when your partner cancels plans: Instead of feeling disappointed about not being able to see your coupleyou feel relieved when your plans to spend time together are cancelled.
  8. You don’t make plans for the future: when one is in love usually creates scenarios about what will be shared in a few months or years with the person you love, but if it is impossible for you to imagine a future with your couple You are probably with her only out of fear of being alone.
  9. You have fantasies about other people: if you constantly imagine yourself next to other possible couples and that makes you more excited than spending time with your current couple It’s because you’re not really in love.

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