Feijóo will travel to Barbate tomorrow after the death of the two civil guards to learn about the situation in the area

The leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has announced that tomorrow he will be in Barbate (Cádiz) to learn about the situation in the area after the death of the two civil guards run over by a drug boat last Friday night and to show his commitment to “those who defend us.” He said this at a rally in Outeiro de Rei (Lugo) in which he assured that he will meet with “the people” and speak with the mayors. “I am going to commit myself as the first party in Spain to the Civil Guard, with the means it needs and we are going to continue working so that the money that is wasted to maintain a Government and its allies is made available to the men who defend us” , He has launched. The president of the PP has regretted the events and has criticized that “Sanchez’s reaction” was to “go to a film festival”, in reference to the Goya Awards gala that was held on Saturday in Valladolid. For all these reasons, the president of the PP has insisted that the minister must leave his position, although “he should have already resigned for other things”, such as – he has mentioned – the “failure” in border control and his “alleged collusion with the entourage of ETA prisoners.” “Yesterday he should have resigned ipso facto, because he was not able to maintain the security of the Civil Guard operating in the south of Andalusia”, he has resolved.

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