Javier MIlei and Georgia Meloni ratified their political alliance during a conclave at the Chigi Palace

Javier Milei and Giorgia Meloni before the meeting they held at the Chigi Palace, headquarters of the offices of the Prime Minister of Italy

(Special envoy to Rome, Italy) Before returning to Buenos Aires, Javier Milei held a political conclave with Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, who shares his ideological perspective on the economy and the global situation. “He has a fascinating personality,” said Meloni when asked about the Argentine president. “We agree on many things,” Milei replied when asked about the Italian premier.

Milei was received by Meloni at the Chigi Palace, headquarters of the Italian Council of Ministers. Meloni rolled out a red carpet, an honor squad and a sharp fanfare who showed no mercy to the special guests and journalists who covered the official ceremony.

Lined up alongside the head of state were Chancellor Diana Mondino, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Karina Milei, the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello, and the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos. This was Milei’s last activity in Italy, since tonight he leaves for Buenos Aires from Fiumicino airport.

Javier Milei and Giorgia Meloni before their political conclave at the Chigi Palace
Javier Milei and Giorgia Meloni during their meeting in Rome. PhotoJuan Ignacio Calcagno
Meeting of Javier Milei and Giorgia Meloni. Photo Juan Ignacio Calcagno

Meloni was the first leader to call Milei when it became known that he had defeated Sergio Massa. And during telephone communication, Milei and Meloni agreed on everything they talked about. Both leaders consider market freedom essential, question the role of the State from the perspective of John Maynard Keynes and condemn the terrorist acts committed by Hamas against Israel.

Milei invited Meloni to Argentinaand it is likely that the Italian premier will travel to the country before the end of the fall.

Before arriving at the Palazzo Chigi for the audience with Meloni, Milei was received at the Quirinale by his Italian colleague Sergio Mattarella. It was a protocol meeting where they committed to deepening bilateral relations between both countries.

Javier Milei met with the president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella

The president had a long meeting with Francisco, and both Mattarella and Meloni asked him about it. Milei commented that she had talked about the economy with the Pope and that he had invited him to Argentina. For now, on this official invitation, the Supreme Pontiff remained silent.

Javier Milei He arrived at the Holy See at 8:58 local time (4:58 in Argentina). He was received at Apostolic Palace by the Swiss Guard and then climbed the gray granite stairs until he reached the Vatican library. Francisco smiled at him when he arrived, the official delegation stayed outside, and for the first time the president and supreme pontiff were left alone to connect a conversation that extended beyond what was anticipated.

In dialogue with Infobaethe head of state said that during the conversation the Pope “He was satisfied with the economic program and its social support” implemented by the government starting December 10 last year.

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