Julián Román confessed that he lost a leading role because he was ugly: “I believed the story and thought about studying something else”

Julián Román confessed that he retired from television and wanted to start a stationery store – credit @tropicanacolombia and @julianroman1/Instagram

Julián Román revealed one of the most difficult moments of his life, stating that he retired from television for a time due to a rejection he suffered when he was young. “I was about 19 years old and I really wanted to get on television, but they took away my leading role because he was very ugly.”

The Bogotá actor believed the story and was disappointed with the half-hearted attempt to enter university to study another career and even contemplated the idea of ​​setting up a stationery store near an educational institution. “I spent rough months, disillusioned with the profession and with low self-esteem.”

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Thinking that he would not be able to fulfill his dream of playing the roles he imagined himself playing caused a great fracture in Julián Román. “I didn’t lose the casting because of a bad actor, The production company that made the decision stated that they couldn’t let me play that character because they thought I was ugly. I got to the idea that then I would never be able to play the characters I wanted.”

Julián Román shared the disappointment he suffered on television – credit @tropicanacolombia/Instagram

Although Julián is the son of Edgardo Román, one of the first Colombian actors and most successful in the country’s audiovisual industry, making his way and earning a space on the screen was not as easy as one would think, since he had to demonstrate with talent that He was prepared to take on any role in a story, even that of the protagonist. Well, over time he became one of the main actors on Colombian television.

Román shared his testimony about the obstacles he encountered when he wanted to make the leap from the stage and the academy to television, ensuring that the doors were not always open.

In the middle of an interview with the Tropicana radio station, from Radio snailJulián surprised by openly answering the question: What is the most complicated moment you have overcome in your life?

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