Mariola Orellana reveals who her grandson looks like

The Carmona-Orellana family is in luck and the first child of Lucía Fernanda and Ismael de la Rosa has already arrived into the world. As it could not be otherwise, the new grandparents, Mariola Orellana and Antonio Carmona, have not been able to hide their happiness and joy at the incorporation of this new member into the family, which also makes them grandparents for the first time. On this occasion we saw Mariola leave the hospital where the mother and baby are still admitted. Very happy and proud of how the events had developed, she acknowledged: “I am super happy, very happy, with a very big rush, to be honest.” Regarding the birth, Mariola assured that both her daughter and her grandson are doing well: “The wonderful birth, two hours fast, arrived and in two hours. A marvel.” Without being able to hide a big smile on her face as a sign of the great moment they are living, Mariola revealed who the baby looks like: “The baby is wonderful, the most beautiful baby in the world, what can I tell you. He looks like the his family, the truth is, quite a lot.”

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