“Tornadoes”, the blockbuster movie from the 90s, returns with a remake

In July, the epic natural disaster film returns with a thrilling, adrenaline-filled, big-screen thrill ride that puts you in direct contact with one of nature’s most wonderful and destructive forces. (Warner Bros.)

The film will arrive in theaters Tornadoes (Twisters), which is a remake of that 1996 film Twister starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. Almost 30 years after its premiere, this new version will arrive that will explore the climatological phenomenon in its maximum expression. With the address of Lee Isaac Chungnominated for an Oscar for Minariand a stellar cast led by Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People) and Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick), This production promises to take audiences on an exciting cinematic experience, full of action and climatic adventures.

The film, which is produced by industry heavyweights such as Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowleywill be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in Latin America starting July 18. Set in the fight against extreme weather events, Tornadoes presents Kate Cooper (played by Edgar-Jones), a former storm chaser, and Tyler Owens (Powell), a social media adventurer, who find themselves embroiled in unprecedented challenges as storm systems converge over Oklahoma.

“As storm season intensifies, terrifying phenomena never seen before will be unleashed, and Kate, Tyler and their competing teams find themselves squarely in the path of multiple storm systems converging over central Oklahoma in the fight to their lives”, advances the synopsis of the title that is scheduled to premiere in theaters on July 18.

The feature film, which also includes in its cast Anthony Ramos (Transformers: Rise of the Beasts), David Corenswet (Superman: Legacy), Brandon Perea (Nope!), Kiernan Shipka (The hidden world of Sabrina) Sasha Lane, Daryl McCormack, Nik Dodani and Maura Tierneystands out for offering a current look at the impact of climate change and the human fascination with dominating the forces of nature.

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell deal with extreme weather events in “Tornadoes.” (Credits: Warner Bros)

The script by Mark L. Smith, writer of the Best Picture nominee The revenant, along with Chung’s talent in direction, present a narrative that not only seeks to entertain, but also reflects on contemporary environmental issues. Unlike its predecessor, Tornadoes addresses climate change and its effects with a more serious and realistic perspectiveplacing the film in a current context where extreme weather is a global concern.

The plot of this 1996 classic followed a group of tornado chasers from the American Midwest, led by characters played by Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. They were in a race against time to deploy a prototype research device, designed to get close to tornadoes and collect vital data. Their goal is to better understand tornado patterns to improve early warning systems.

Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton were the stars of “Twister,” the 1996 film that was a worldwide success. (Credits: Warner Bros.)

Hunt played Dr. Jo Harding and Paxton played Dr. Bill Harding, two storm chasers and ex-husbands, who, accompanied by a diverse team, faced multiple high-intensity tornadoes. The film was notable for its special effects, which sought to recreate the devastation caused by tornadoes as accurately as possible.

In terms of box office, Twister It was a significant commercial success. Became the second highest grossing film of 1996only surpassed by Independence Day. Worldwide, it raised more than $494 million. Its commercial success underscored its cultural impact and the public’s fascination with extreme weather events, as well as its appreciation for special effects advanced for its time. You can see this version at Prime Video.

Warner Bros. Pictures will distribute “Tornados” in Latin America starting July 18. (Credits: Warner Bros.)

It should be noted that, despite taking inspiration from his success, It is not directly marketed as a sequel, but rather as a thematic and technological evolution of its predecessor. The inclusion of Chung as director, preferred over other options such as Joseph Kosinski and Helen Huntindicates a different and fresh approach for this new installment.

Tornadoes is presented as an opportunity to relive the excitement of storm chases in the movies, framed in the current challenges related to weather and advanced special effects technology.

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