An 80-year-old man is sentenced to three years in prison for sexual assault on his domestic worker in Cuenca

The Provincial Court of Cuenca handed down a sentence this Monday, sentencing an 80-year-old man to 3 years in prison for sexually assaulting his domestic worker at the Torremangana hotel in the capital of Cuenca in May 2022. According to the Court’s document, that Europa Press has had access to, the events occurred on May 6 of that year, when the accused, a resident of the Community of Madrid, proposed to his employee to visit Cuenca, staying at the hotel. Around 5:00 p.m., in the double room they shared, the accused tried to abuse the victim repeatedly, while she asked him to stop her behavior. The next day, May 7, the accused again carried out touching and acts that have been considered by the court as sexual assault. In its ruling, the Court dictates two sentences of 1 year and six months in prison (a total of 3 years) for each of the crimes of sexual assault, plus 10 years of supervised release (5 for each crime of sexual assault committed). . However, given the lack of precedents, the court has ruled to suspend the prison sentences. Likewise, it has assessed “the mitigating circumstance of repairing the damage”, with the accused having paid 25,000 euros to the victim as “civil liability”.

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