Are they finished? Nicki Nicole deleted all photographs with Featherweight on social networks

After deleting all photos with the Mexican singer, rumors claim that Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma had ended their relationship. (@pesopluma / nicki.nicole)

In the midst of controversy after the video published of Featherweight holding hands with another woman In Las Vegas, Nicki Nicole He alerted his fans by making a series of changes to his official Instagram account.

On February 10, the rapper performed at the festive Picnic in Costa Rica, therefore she did not attend the Super Bowl with Hassan, her then boyfriend. The Argentine singer published through Instastories some moments from that concert and the next day, a sequence of portraits modeling her outfit consisting of a top, loose pants and black gloves.

“If they say I’m a bandit, don’t believe them,” Nicki wrote. At first, her followers celebrated the famous woman’s stunning look, but probably minutes later, they noticed that The photos he had on his profile with Peso Pluma had disappeared.

Which unleashed strong rumors of a breakup with the corridos tumbados singer. Social networks were immediately filled with comments supporting Nicki after the alleged deception by the man from Guadalajara. Well, the video clip where she is seen Double P walking with a mysterious woman in a casino and that suspicious fence between the two would indicate a imminent separation.

The rapper performed at the Picnic festival in Costa Rica. (@nicki.nicole)

The photographs that disappeared from Nicki Nicole’s Instagram are where he appears kissing the interpreter of “Lady Gaga”from some trips together, from Christmas parties, New Year’s, the most recent in the Grammys and even removed images from certain galleries and only left his friends.

Until now, Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija keeps all the photos with Nicole and has not commented on the matter.

The followers of both singers made their names trend as many disapproved of the Mexican’s actions supporting the rapper due to the alleged infidelity. “How Featherweight was unfaithful to Nicki Nicole?”, “How are you going to cheat on Nicki Nicole?”, “If Featherweight cheated on Nicki, what awaits us?”, “The worst thing is that he is going to cheat on her just when February 14 comes around,” “You were too much for Featherweight”, “He touched the sky with his hands, but not anymore”, they commented through X (formerly Twitter).

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