Last minute! Antonio Tejado arrives detained in a police van at the Court to testify before the judge

The arrest of Antonio Tejado for allegedly belonging to a criminal gang that was dedicated to robbing houses and that would be related, supposedly, to the assaults on the homes of María del Monte – the young man’s aunt – and Sergio Ramos – is a major surprise. In the cells of the Montequinto police station in Seville since he was arrested last Friday along with the other members of the gang – 8 in total, some of whom are of Portuguese origin – Chayo Mohedano’s ex would have refused to testify before the police. Civil Guard, arguing that he will give his version before the judge. And hours after María del Monte reappeared devastated and asked that the presumption of innocence be respected in the case of her nephew after discovering that he could be behind the brutal robbery that Inmaculada Casal and she suffered last August at her home, we have seen for the first time Antonio Tejado again after his arrest. After 6 in the morning this Monday, the nephew of the folklorist has left the cells in which he has spent the last 72 hours to go to the Investigative Court number 16 of Seville along with the other 7 detainees to be brought to justice. Antonio arrived inside a police van, but he could not prevent the cameras from capturing the first images of him detained due to his position, sitting next to the window. Head down, very serious and unable to hide his concern, the Sevillian has avoided commenting on his alleged membership in a criminal gang dedicated to theft of homes, nor on his alleged involvement in the robbery suffered by his aunt María del Monte. 6 months ago. It will be throughout this morning when Antonio will give his version before the judge after refusing to testify before the Civil Guard.

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